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Hi, I was wondering if I could request for 3 banners? One for each of my stories in the same series so they sort of match?

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ofc! just fill out the form!

Thank you so much! If accepted what payments should I do? Seeing as there is 3 banners?

(Banner 1)

Banner Form

Main Text: Love Changes

Subtext: None.

Type (ie. manip, blend, simple, etc.): Manip & blend.

Mood (ie. mysterious, preppy, etc.): Sadness, broken love, heartbreak.

Color scheme: dark purples & whites maybe?

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): I was hoping for Female (early 20s) on one side of the banner, looking lost and sad. Then on the other side of the banner, a male (early 20s) with the same look. And then maybe blended in the middle, a image of a couple embracing, with a manip background.
Honestly I don’t mind, as long as it shows love, and heartbreak.

(I found these for a idea maybe)

Face claims (if any): None

Font ideas (optional): joint up writing, curved handwriting.

Password: xms

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Banner 2

Banner Form

Main Text: Love Remains

Subtext: None

Type (ie. manip, blend, simple, etc.): Manip & blend.

Mood (ie. mysterious, preppy, etc.): Happy, bright, love.

Color scheme: light pinks, whites or rose golds.

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): I would really like the background & front to match the 1st one. But just lighter. As for the actual banner, a couple in love either laughing or smiling together. And somewhere else on the banner, maybe blended in woman in a wedding dress or wedding rings?
Again it just has to show love, romance and happiness with a wedding theme.

Face claims (if any): None.

Font ideas (optional): The same as the 1st one so it matches.


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Banner 3

Banner Form

Main Text: Love Grows

Subtext: None

Type (ie. manip, blend, simple, etc.): Manip & blend.

Mood (ie. mysterious, preppy, etc.): Light, joy, bright & love.

Color scheme: Light blues & whites or yellows.

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): This one is pretty much the same as the ones above, the background the same just brighter or semi different. And then for the banner, again a couple, in love and are happy. And then somewhere else blended in baby a woman with a baby bump or something with family.
Again I’m more than happy to leave full creativity up to you, as long as it shows, love, romance and family themed.

Face claims (if any): None

Font ideas (optional): Same as the ones above, so they are matching.

Password: XMS

And thank you so much in advance :blush:

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I love the examples. Where did you find them?

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I don’t do many blends but I’ll try! Question- do you want them to be the same size as the examples you sent(more square) or do you want the typical banner size (1250x500)?

I found them on pinterest. :blush:


I honestly I don’t mind at all, whichever size is easier for you too do :heart:


b u m p

@GlitchandGlitz will you still be requesting the banner? It’s fine if not :sweat_smile:

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lol mood :joy:

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Because I’m requesting five in total, four now and the one before, I’m gonna be doing an overall bigger payment for your services! 5+ comments on the first three chapters of la book.

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aw thank you so much!!!

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No problem at all! Now to do the form before I forget-

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Banner Time Banner Time!


Main Text: Celeste Rai Storm

Subtext: Hurricane

Type: The same as the last one…?

Mood: Electric, bright

Color Scheme: Yellow and Black

Ideas: Lightning or electricity!


Main Text: Zara Montegruli

Subtext: SIlverstar

Type: I’m so sorry I’m dumb. The same as the last one-

Mood: Mysterious,

Color Scheme: Dark Blue, super light blue (nearly white)

Ideas: Something mecha, like a cyborg eye or arm


Main Text: Arlen Norgami

Subtext: Mystiqué


Mood: Bright, peppy, fashinista

Color Scheme: Pink, green

Ideas: A wizard wand or hat, stylized if you can find one


Main Text: Estern Derikala

Subtext: Shifter

Type: Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and baloney-

Mood: Preppy, jock, smart

Color Scheme: Red, orange, brown

Ideas: Any sort of animal on the bottom


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Banner One

Uploading: New Project (72).png…

Banner Two

Banner Three

Banner Four

Delivery! Let me know if you want anything changed or a redo!


Hi, I was just wondering for the banners what type of payment I should do?

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just this is required, if you want you can do more, but I’m fine with just this :blush:

Hey! I just finished your first banner! What do you think? Feel free to ask for any changes or a redo!

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