Murder Mystery Game

A fun game! All you have to do is ask questions to figure out who the murderer is. For me, you can ask about anything that you could be able to observe in the situation that you are in!

Currently starting a new game 9/26/2020 at 7 am EST! Please join!


MURDER! A killing has struck the scenic yet bustling city of Riverview. Wealthy businessman Richard Hamilton was found dead in his bedroom by his maid, Ivy, at the start of her shift. Not only that, but his six year old daughter was found dead in her bedroom as well.

Who could be responsible for the death of Richard Hamilton and his six year old daughter?

The rule is that for any questions you ask, I will only respond based on what’s readily observable. You’re in the shoes of the detective on this one!


Can I check the surroundings?

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It’s a large manor - gated on four sides. The only entrance is through the front gate monitored by a surveillance camera. At the crime scene of Richard’s death itself, you see a tripod with a video camera hoisted on it. You also see an unmarked silver canister. The window in the master bedroom where Richard died is partially shattered. It appears he was shot multiple times in the chest, neck, and head.

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Can I look through the surveillance camera footage?

NOTE: you may also interview suspects and witnesses or interact with characters.

There are a few suspects on the scene.

Ivy, the maid

Lisa, the wife

Jason, the security guard

And there also three police officers on scene

Chief Inspector Jonass - his parents could have spelled his name with one “s” but chose not to

Officer Mike Johnson - police officer known for above average detective work

Officer Ryan Broman - younger Riverview Police officer

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The footage captures people entering and exiting the main gate over the course of the past month. You notice a gap in footage between 12:00 am and 2:00 am of last night. This isn’t the only gap you notice. There have been gaps in footage that have occurred over the past month, usually at night.

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Can I interview Jason? I’d like to see if he was there at any of those times.

Is there any footage on the video camera held up with the tripod?

You approach a nervous looking man. His eyes dart about and he fidgets with his keys.

Jason, “H-hello detective?”

No it has either never recorded or any footage has been deleted

He does appear to be rather tired and droopy eyed, yet still nervous

He replies though that he was here all night

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Jason continues fidgeting with his keys. “Well I just patrol the front yard and keep an eye on the gate all night… I uh… I typically work night shifts but there aren’t any other security guards.” You can see sweat droplets forming on his forehead. “I have access to the security cameras” You see Jason take a gulp. “Glitches? Oh yeah… uhh… yeah! That’s right, yes, the camera is glitched.”

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Jason, breathing quickly, “It was just a normal night uhhh can’t say I saw anyone entering or leaving err… yeah just a normal night for me but I can’t see what goes on inside the house from where I patrol I only could tell ya who went into the house at what time usually er… yeah… but…” He stammers over his own words, “So yeah I think that’s…” He awkwardly nods, indicating that he finished his thought

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Jason appears to be scared of you, “O-okay!” He averts his gaze.


  • Front page: Richard Hamilton and 6 Year Old Daughter Anna Found Dead
  • By Nick Opaka

Tragedy has struck Riverview today. Richard Hamilton was found dead this morning along with his six year old daughter, Anna, in the Hamilton manor. Today, for all Hamilton’s flaws, this town remembers Hamilton for his great contributions. No matter what, it weighs heavily on everyone’s heart that a girl so young as Anna could be robbed of her future. The cause of the victim’s deaths are unknown at this time and the Mayor’s Office has posted no comments as of yet, despite the Mayor’s previous turbulent relationship with Richard Hamilton.

Article Two: Was Santa Claus a Hot Teenager? This and 5 Other Things You Think When You’re High

  • By Jed I. Knight

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Jason scratches the back of his head, “I g-guess I am surprised too! But I don’t k-know what happened I just… but I didn’t hear anything. I’m not lying!”

You see, while you are questioning Jason, that he carries a pistol. The pistol is holstered @the_anonymous_angel