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wow we made it to 100 replies…

how much do you wanna bet that just the two of us will max out the thread XD

I mainly watch a lot of “older” stuff, like pre-2010. New shows/movies/animations just don’t do it for me.
I do watch a lot of REALLY old stuff though, like 1920s silent films, and 1940s monster movies.
Went on a deep dive a month or so back, researching the Edison Gem, cause that stuff’s cool.

(Also, we can max out a thread o_O?)

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Huh, ok. I like some older stuff too actually. Do you watch like, TV shows from the 40s-90s? I love The Partridge Family, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Mama’s Family, Alice, The Jeffersons, Gimme A Break, What’s Happening (I like WH Now too though), All in the Family, etc. I like a lot of movies from the 40s-50s too though, like Meet Me in St. Louis. I actually just watched a couple with Bette Davis that were really good. It’s kinda a bonding thing to do w/ my mom, since we both like older movies and shows, whereas my sister isn’t as into that lol. We also love Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Mildred Pierce, Bringing Up Baby, Penny Charade, To Kill A Mockingbird, and I really like Arsenic and Old Lace (more than her lol). I know there’s plenty of others, black and white or in color.

(and yeah apparently, I just saw a part 2 where they mentioned maxing out the first one XD I’m guessing it’s the same as on the NaNoWriMo forums, 10k as the max)

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I loved Bewitched, wasn’t the same without Dick York though.
Also just watched the classic Night Court.
I remember trying to watch I Dream of Jeannie, but she was just so… annoying? I think is the word.
But even then that’s more recent stuff.

I grew up more on Addams Family and Gunsmoke, or the Universal Monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein.
The old Harry Lloyd films were pretty great too, better than Charlie Chaplin.

And then of course… there’s anime.

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I haven’t enjoyed any of the new popular anime.
Jujutsu Kaisan, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, etc.

But Gundam 79’, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dragon Ball are still great to this day.
Few things beat out the twist deaths in Gundam and FMA.

American Animation also peaked with Bruce Timm’s DC animated universe, and Avatar the Last Airbender.

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Oh yeah, agreed for sure. It was definitely sad to learn about what he had to go through behind the scenes though. So it makes sense why he finally couldn’t do it anymore Ig.
Oh cool! I’ve been considering watching it since I’m always seeing the previews for the new one lol. Is it any good?
Oof I mean I can see that, but I still thought she was a lovable character XD Tbh I think Major Healy was way more annoying.

That’s cool! Idk, I’ve just never been interested in The Addams Family, although I know it’s huge even today. I’ve been dying to watch Wednesday though, I have to admit. Gunsmoke… I think I’m just not that into western-type shows/movies in general, so that’s why it’s never appealed to me.
Idk Harry Lloyd, I know I saw at least one Charlie Chaplin movie though. I’m not super into silent films tbh, but Ig I’d watch if the premise is interesting enough or if I knew the actors.

See that’s where I’m lost XD the most anime I ever watched was Pokemon bc of my sister. However, later on, I did try watching Seven Deadly Sins and I did like it- but I was only able to watch it bc of my friend’s house having Netflix, which we don’t. I’d started watching ATLA, but I just never found time to continue lol. I did like it though. I’ve heard a lot of good things about FMA, Death Note, Dragonball, and MHA, I think I’ve heard of Demon Slayer too. The only one I found that no one seems to talk about lol is called The Getbackers. I liked that one too.

I tried to watch Wednesday, and I think the best thing to come out of it was how angry Jenna Ortega was.
She was also a fan of the original series and hated how the Netflix show screwed everything up. She said if they wanted her back for another season they’d better get their shit together.

MAYBE I’ll give I dream of Jeannie another shot, maybe she gets less annoying as the show continues, but those first 3 episodes were rough -_-

I also have no idea if Gunsmoke was any good.
I only watched it when I was a kid stuck at home with a high fever and on heavy duty pain meds. So I need to go back and watch it with a clear head lol

And DUDE if you haven’t watched FMA, I’ll go pirate the thing, get you set up on Discord, and watch it with you cause it’s awesome.
Every anime you watch afterwards will be compared to it.

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Yeah that and the endless memes. Also the resurfacing of certain music- I literally heard Bloody Mary for the first time only bc it had played on there and suddenly gained newfound popularity despite having been from an older album, and I thought it was new lol.
Oof that sucks. Go Jenna though haha. She definitely has the right to argue since she’s prolly the only reason the show is still running.

From what I remember, she does, mostly bc she and Tony get a closer bond as the series goes on. She’s more annoying in the beginning bc everything is still new for both of them, so she does a lot to either impress him or get him back. Now Jeannie II- she is the annoying one. You’ll meet her eventually :wink:

Oh XD fair enough.

Haha well I can’t use Discord but I’ll definitely try to watch it on Crunchyroll if it’s still there- it’s always looked interesting tbh!

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God I hate when younger audiences discover old thing as new thing and it blows up in popularity.
Like, yes, it’s good, that’s why it stuck around, but it just feels like people like it because it was in popular thing, not because they like/understand it.

And FMA is definitely still on Crunchyroll
I suggest watching the English Dub, it’s WAY better

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Yeah that makes sense. Ig it’s cool that things still live on though for whatever reason, regardless of whether or not ppl understand the source.

Ooh awesome! Yeah I will, thanks! :smiley:

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lol you do that, and I’m gonna go try to kick some butt

Shoot me a message later though so our conversations of rambling don’t continue to bog down threads ^_^;
My gut tells me someone’s gonna get annoyed at us sooner or later

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yes! eventually anyway XD and lowkey curious as to what that means ngl-

Yeah yeah, fair point haha. I mean we could just move to a channel or PM if you want-

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:skull: :skull: :skull: not the random spanish song.

really comes out in the ‘you took the blame and gave me life’ part in Captain. I can hear it in the songs I like, too, but like you said, I really dig the tunes so it doesn’t bother me as much.

They’re older albums are pretty subtle with the Christianity, I didn’t even realize they were making references on purpose until they released an album with some covers of popular christian songs. And then I was like “oh that’s what that random babylon mention was”

The lead singer competed on The Voice, so maybe you saw some publicity from that?


Aye, I might’ve seen them pop up because of The Voice, even though I don’t watch the show. Their sudden spike in popularity must have just passed my peripherals or something.

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you can but you’re a long way from this one.

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lol good then we can keep this one going for a bit


yeah i’ve never seen or heard anyone else talking about them so I don’t know how popular they are.

oh good, so you remember XD

Ahh fair. What I can never find out though is who sings the prechorus? It sounds nothing like the lead singer. I used to think it kinda sounded like Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, but I couldn’t find any info about it. So I’ve been wondering ever since XD

Lol yeah that makes sense

:eyes: I watch The Voice! I prolly saw him there. What’s his name?