My Magic System is unique! What are your thoughts about it?

I have a rather unique magic system that I just thought of.

Three are two types (well, technically three, but the “third” one isn’t really counted for). Here is the magic system.

People on Avantica (formerly Alterra) are mages who wield mage craft and there are different types.

Type 1 Mages: are able to wield mage craft freely. They aren’t all about going to educational institutes to learn how to properly manage their powers. What these mages do is self teach themselves how to properly control and wield mage craft without being tied down by rules.

Type 2 Mages: they learn how to develop their mage craft powers by studying and learning through teaching means. They treat mage craft as a way that they must learn through many years of schooling and being taught by a pro.

Type 0 Mages; They steal from the other mages and can make the stolen power apart of them forever. They don’t need to self teach themselves how to properly control and wield the power or go through years of schooling. They just steal the power and can use it to suit them. Unfortunately, their limit is five powers that they can only steal. If they try to steal more than five, their bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it. Yet at the very same time they are able to give by the mage craft that they stole back to the person or someone else. However, Type 0 Mages are able to perfectly summon other mages from

What are thoughts?
Also, do you have a unique magic system in your fantasy?


I mean, is anything really totally unique anymore? ;-;

Magic system sounds cool btw

And yes I have one but I wouldn’t say it’s unique because, again, is there really anything unique these days?



Ask me questions? I need to better understand and analyze this magic system.

Is it unique to you and you alone? Does that even make sense?

My main question would be “how are they self taught? how do they do that?”

That does not make sense, sorry :joy:

But mine is more a mashup of a bit of everything because everything is available due to a wide variety of worlds, species and rules

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I was thinking about making a hard line between ceremonial magic and folk magic in my books.

It’s like the difference between fancy gastronomy food and old family recipes.


That sounds interesting


Type 1 Mages can teach themselves with books (yes there are books) or by someone who is skilled at it simply teaches them… a little. But majority of the time, Type 1 Mages must do the teaching themselves. So, they can do any of these options which are meditating, training in creative ways, or wielding a magically item. Most of them do the meditation and training.

Yet they have to be a certain age to start their personal training.
I know this probably don’t make sense.

Ah, I am sorry about that. LOL!


Ooh la la! Sounds interesting!

But wouldn’t they, like, still need someone to guide them and tell them they need to do this stuff, even if it is just in books and stuff?

All G :joy:
But, yeah, I’ve got a bit of everything plus my own system that I made. That’s been pretty fun and it’s got a lot of loopholes. And by “a lot” I mean “when the plot requires it”

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Of course they got that. But the Type 1 Mages are bizarre in their teachings because they have to pretty much use their brains to figure it out themselves. It’s pretty much like placing someone in a situation and hoping that they will use their knowledge and know-how to figure it out for themselves. There will be someone to guide them but they are only meant to guide. Everything else is left to them. Yes it is bizarre but that is how the Type 1 Mages learn.

They have to figure it out themselves. This grants them freedom to do things in their own way.
If they do want to learn they can always become a Type 2 Mage. It is rare but not impossible…sorta.

Type 1 Mages are free birds while Type 2 Mages are worker ants forming a line.

That is all I got.

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So they basically get tossed in the deep end and told to swim?

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Yeah…it’s unfortunate but that’s how they learn the skills.

Their mage craft is a bit different than the Type 2 Mages.

Type 1 Mages are born with magic and the ability to use them freely without limits.

Type 2 Mages are born with mana, but will have to develop their powers through strict schooling and rigorous training.

Type 1 Mages are wild and Type 2 Mages are tamed.

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Ah, I see


Got any more questions?!

I think you mean custom magic system for the setting/world. Usually it involves more, like classes, kits, spells, etc to strengthen the deep feel of it. For example, if you look at SW system, you will see spells specific to DS and LS practitioners and the different way they reach for their magic based on the practice of their respective religions. If you drill deeper into it, say in games, you will see specializations and spells dependent on the level of L/D etc.

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I am sorry and forgive my stupidity, but what is a SW System along with DS and LS Practitioners?

Does SW System stand for “soft world” or something else entirely?

Star Wars. Dark Side (Sith), Light Side (Jedi).

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Damn, I would have never thought of Star wars to be honest.


I’ve made some changes to my magic system.

I shall return later.