My next idea is for another possible anthology novel is??? (POLLS)

Which option sounds best to you? Also, these are options are set in the world of Alterra and I will not touch them until I have finish with my current novel anthology.

  1. A Sweeper (a landfill cleaner) accidentally kills the people at his job when his powers awakened. He is fleeing from those who want to capture him and use him for their own wicked purposes or lock him away forever.

  2. In order to become the richest man in the world of Alterra, a thief turned adventurer searches for the location where he can make a grand heist. During that time, he meets woman claiming to be a goddess with memory loss and with the desire to return back home. Drama and hilarity ensue.

  3. While traveling to meet her sister who just birth a baby, a woman’s life drastically alters when she is forced to fight for survival as the country becomes trapped in a magical dome where flesh eating monsters begins to attack.

  4. Four gamers and avid fans of a highly popular platform video game goes out to buy the game’s sequel only to find themselves sent to the past to solve an ancient mystery that the game is based on.

  5. A fallen princess and her younger brother travel the country after losing everything to search for a meaningful purpose until she learns that younger brother has a power that can make him a deity. She goes out of her way to save him from his twisted fate and people who want to use him for their own selfish means.

  6. A group of five and rather unique people from different lifestyles form a friendship while taking on various odd jobs and helping others in need all over Alterra. Their main objective is to stay true to their duties and keep up with their crazy lives. Adventure, hilarity, and drama ensue.

Choose wisely.

  • Option 1.
  • Option 2.
  • Option 3.
  • Option 4.
  • Option 5.
  • Option 6.

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The one with the most votes is the one I shall choose.
Why do you think?


You had me at goddess with memory loss.

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Well, I am glad. LOL!

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I like a good old ordinary-person-with-powers-kills-people-by-mistake-and-runs-away-from-home-and-tries-to-find-out-how-to-control-powers story.

It’s fun.

I did one, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems that is the more popular one. LOL!

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