My outline is VERY basic and simple!

How I do my outline is very simple and very basic.

I just make it like this:

The Beginning, The Middle, and The End.

In between those, I make a bullet list of things that happen during the story. Normally, I would do a series of winging it or try doing chapter summaries.

I plan to do a long outline AND chapter summaries both.

But man, my outline is so ordinary when it look at it! I am not complaining too much, just wondering do any plotters have a very simple and basic outline setup.

So, do you have one plotters?
Lend me your thoughts.


To me it’s basic but I do what you mentioned aka jotting down the main things that need to happen during certain times of the book. But, then I go and decide roughly how many chapters there’s going to be by including at least one thing I want to happen in every chapter. And if I can’t think of anything for a chapter then I know it would most likely be a filler chapter so it’s not needed and I can skip to the main things that need to happen.

Doing it this way helps me greatly with getting rid of filler chapters and with writers block because I already know what I need to work towards for the chapter. Basically, smaller goals within bigger goals is the only way to keep me on track.

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So, there is nothing really wrong with trying it that way in the first place?

If you mean the basic stuff before going more into detail no absolutely not. Doing it the other way without clearly knowing where you want to go is definitely something I would avoid though.

Yeah, I just jot down things I would like to happen in the beginning, middle, and end.

With a chapter summary to add to that, I can really get immersed in the chapters along with the story.

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I just build it in my head, and once it gets big enough, or I have a sense of direction… I write.


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The world of plotters and how organized some of you guys are is fascinating to me.

I started writing a new story and I got nothin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, I see. LOL!

I might be a planster though. Because I do half plotting and planning while some of just winging it.

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My outlining is very basic too! I just have a sequence of events that I write down in either MS one note or milanote - I find that when I try to format it too much into details or anything like that, I end up disinterested, so I just have basic outlines

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Normally, I write in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

I once used Milanote till I decided to go really basic.

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