My writing from 10 years ago. Do you have old writing? Care to share?

Me in 2012 (so, here are some things from a story I never finished and will never finish)

Enjoy 2022 me react to 2012 me

Tengelion is the place of Impossibilities. A place where the people worked hard everyday just to keep the land alive and healthy. If one person dies, one Impossibility goes as well. If one person stops working before sundown, then one Impossibility refuses to eat. It’s all connected. So, no one stops working before sundown, and people stay healthy and try to live as long as possible.

Okay. It should be “every day” not “everyday”. But okay, not bad of an idea for a world, although…there’s so many questions I have. Does it have to be a natural death for the Impossibilities to die? Why is it important to keep them alive at all? Are all people connected to an Impossibility or are there exceptions? No clue.

Each person has a job. You are given the job when you turn sixteen. I got my job last year. I’m an Impossibee. I keep the Impossibilities clean and well-fed.

Impossibee XD NO! I’m cringing XD And what do they EAT? No clue.

Today, like any other day, I took my time getting to the top of the tower. The tower belonged to the King, but the Impossibilities belonged to the Prince. Prince Terodon. A pampered childish Prince who claims to own all the Impossibilities. The King always grants Prince Terodon anything. As I always say, the Princy needs to see the life we’re living down here or he won’t make a good King. Just a spoiled one.

“the Princy needs to see the life we’re living down here” Okay, MC, I see you with your attitude XD

When I got to the top of the tower it was already almost noon. I took out the sandwich I packed for myself and ate it while looking out of the tower window. The highest window was in the Lights’ room but this window gave a good enough view for someone who worked all their days as a Impossibee. I could see the farmers’ land and the houses of Dowth. All of the roofs were brown and dusty. The land that stretched on further was barren. No life grew there and no one ventured out there either. It was called Grafe which meant “death” and “gravestone”. Further off were the Mountains of Foreverain. It is said to always be wet and moist there. Quite unlike Tengelion.

How long did it take for MC to get to the top of the tower? Also, Dowth? Foreverain? Well, at least we know what the weather’s like there XD

As I slowly ate the last bite of my ham and ketchup sandwich, I went to the supply room to get my pail and mop.

Look, I have never eaten a ham and ketchup sandwich. It sounds so…boring XD I apologize to those of you who like ham and ketchup sandwiches. Also, this sounds like MC is still eating while they went to the supply room. Knowing myself, that’s not what I meant :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, your turn. Share a bit of something you wrote a long time ago and write your reaction to it. Also, let’s all enjoy the stuff we thought up when we were younger :stuck_out_tongue: Who knows? Our younger selves might inspire someone.


Long ago, dragons roamed the earth. The strongest dragons were the Divine ones. The Divine dragon queen was named Termina. Before humans were the majority, there was a kingdom for the dragons named Draconia, and the human kingdom was named Alpha. Both lived in peace, until some dragons decided to attack one of the cities in Alpha, Moriva. Then the human king, Aragon, decided to attack Draconia, killing thousands of dragons. Unfortunately, Termina died while trying to protect her daughter, Solaris, from Aragon.

The few remaining dragons then vanished. It was said that Solaris was killed, but no one knew for sure….until one fateful day.

this was written in eighth grade like 4 fucking years ago LMFAOOO


It’s going to have to wait until I get on the computer.

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No. I do not.

My writings from ten years ago are forever lost to time and more.

I only have current writings that I am desperately trying to find.

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Can I just say that your writing style was adorable 10 years ago? :joy: Impossibee is so cute!!! Lol.

In all honesty, my first story had very descriptive violence and stuff in it, so I’m going to skip on sharing snippets from it. I will say that I had absolutely no business writing such mature content back then :joy: Gosh and I had shared this with one of my teachers too!! I can’t. Tori, what were you doing back in 7th grade?? What’s wrong with you?

I’m talking about the absolute original draft of my book Gods and Ash—I used to rant about this book a ton on the old Wattpad forums so it might sound familiar. It starts out on a very gruesome battle field and is very, very blunt. Also, I kept mixing up words, like dual and duel, and of course the story starts on a dark and stormy day first paragraph but then the rain is completely forgotten four paragraphs later.

It did, however, introduce two of my favorite characters in that story, which were the only things I kept from that original draft. Ea and Uncle Miro. So I guess that’s probably the only thing I’m proud of :joy:


Sounds promising :wink:

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I did this kind of thing all the time, too! XD It shows that you were just THAT excited to get the story down.

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Alright. Last save on one file is 2013, but it’s much older.

Alexia's Key

Thematically problematic in modern literature, outdated a hair. I’d have to tone some things down and rework commas, like usual. But reading about an 8 year old from a very mature writing style doesn’t really work well, so I’m not likely to ever revisit and revise, although the premise was interesting.

Older still (still in college, so around 2005)

Pirate Commericals

Um, yeah…fake commercials for pirates, for a storyboard for a comic/cartoon I was going to work on with the spouse before the reality of how much work that is set in. It’s ok.

Have some files from around 2008, which sounds about right…

Magick 101

Um, yeah. Very colorful yet dry. Like reading a textbook of someone who won’t leave the f-bombs at home. May get around to finishing it. Dunno.

It’s Humans and Elves being described in these two.


My blogger account is still active. Wow.

I was able to retrieve a gem from 2013. Back then, I called this story “Change.” Eventually, it made its way to Wattpad where I called it “My Sepia Double.”

I think it’s actually the first story I wrote in English, not counting the stuff we did in ESL classes (I don’t know if any of that is still around). But it took me a few more years before I started writing for real. This one was a retelling of the best dream I ever had and it sort of took a life of its own, became a cool little story.

I still like this story. It’s not written particularly well. Those short sentences feel jarring to me now and my grammar needed much improvement, but as a whole, it’s actually really interesting. It’s sort of like the beginning of an epic fantasy about choosing your destiny and becoming an angel and saving the world, just not done very well. :rofl:

Excerpt of Change

The night is long. Sleep fails to overcome me. I squeeze my lids shut and will my body to be still, to stop fidgeting. It doesn’t work. My back itches. Ignore it… ignore it… I can’t ignore it! I give in. Now my leg itches. Ugh…This is useless. I give up and open my eyes.


This is not my room.

I am not in my bed.

I’m standing.

These are… wetlands around me. The colors are muted and toned down like in a sepia picture. There’s trees with no leaves on them but they’re not dead. They’re sleeping. The air is still and completely odorless. The temperature is perfectly comfortable.

I feel good.

As soon as I think that, I feel something inside me.

What is it? I can’t name it. I can’t name where exactly it’s coming from but it’s getting stronger. It’s alarmingly unknown but I’m not scared. It feels just like the beginning of something great.

I focus on the feeling and suddenly I understand what to do. I press harder and it happens. I did it!

As I look down, it dawns on me how natural it is. I look behind me just to make sure. No, I don’t have wings. I didn’t think so.

As I float higher, the feeling becomes stronger and I adore it. I feel warmth spread from my center to the very tips of my fingers. It feels like magic. Can I do more? Can I use this power for more than just floating in the air?

The answer is obvious. Yes!

I tighten my fist and look at it. Power starts emitting a bright light that escapes between my clenched fingers. I pull back my fist as if getting ready to strike. Then I release aiming for the nearest tree. As I open my fist the exerted power is stronger than I imagined. The light is blinding me but it would be irresponsible to shut my eyes now. It’s too strong for me. I need to stop. I search inside me for the switch but can’t find it. The power overwhelms me. It’s involuntary now. I try to close my fist or pull back my arm but it doesn’t work. Fear enters my mind and changes everything.

The light disappeared.

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Oh, the oldest I have readily accessible is this:


Manon’s last week at the office was easy-peasy. Someone’s dearly beloved sister, Francis of Assize, a baby who died aged three weeks, four Jesuses of Nathareth, and, lastly, this Helen of Troy appointment. Helen picked up a few languages since she’d died, including the modern lingua franca, English. And the actual lingua franca too, but, whatever. Manon won’t be stuck translating.

With her seniority she should have gotten the tougher cases, like that Genghis-Khan quadruple-booking. The experienced guides came at a cost, so the HR was probably screaming in protest. And nagging Pavel, the owner of the Medium Cybernetics Inc., about the group tours. As if he could do anything about the way the world worked. The living could enter the ‘World of the Dead’ in one way only, the very same way they all ended up there eventually. So, no group tours.

Manon toyed with a notion of thanking Pavel, but decided against it. She was a dead working girl who did not even leave a journal for posterity. Nobody called MCI to set up a Dinner Date with her dying to find out what she was really like. Helen of Troy, on the other hand…

Yes, Helen of Troy. Back to work, Manon. Next stop - Necropolis.

But my really ancient writing is here, and I can’t even log into that account to copy anything, lol. That’s truly vintage me, from 2003 to 2015


I started lolling here.

The pirate ads are awesome.

As to you Magick 101 - extremely detailed! Do you always do that with your species?

No. This was supposed to function like a D&D book, a bit, so it runs different from my normal mode. Trying to understand it when I’ve got 3 kids screaming in bitonal cat screeches doesn’t work. (Literally happening when I tried to respond to this.)

It’s very useful when the creature is made from scratch, so the practice with things more obvious like humans and elves is useful.

But I do find it funny that THESE Elves are blade narrow. It’s also not the only time that my Elves act a bit NA , superficially. That’s more my light and dark elves In The Game of the Gods, but they aren’t as narrow as these ones, though the ML’s face is described as a bit pinched.

My Aelif from To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale is called “braw” and a deep shade of grey, giving the implication that this is a Dark Elf that is built to Barbarian standards. And the Elf or Fey of Broadsides is more a ghost that can possess men and is supposed to become a supporting character’s dream lover-- she’s a dwarf. The Tuathe De in Cinderella is a Bad Girl are humans from multiple realities who for a lack of a better term “ascended”, the head one does have pointed ears, and his head is a tad large.

And in the Assassin’s Journals, the Red Assassin that is brought up the most is a golden Elf, but he really comes across as either autistic or ADHD–absolutely no filter–but I don’t give him a condition by title.

Then there’s one more dumb except called To Grow a Garden that I don’t know what I’ll do with, yet, but these kids are likely to glow the more they are psychically connected.

So, nothing stays the same from story to story–and I manage to keep this crud all up in my head. I apparently don’t need to write the differences all down because they stay in my head pretty well.


I have some of my writing from back in 1985. No I will not share.


This reminds me of a story my mom tried to write about herself as an eight-year-old but from an adult perspective, but in a way that it was mostly fiction and made to be read by adults. Idk if she was trying to write a memoir or not… But could it be possible to write a child perspective in a mature style, and solely aim it at an adult audience?

It’s quite impressive! Looks like it could be real. I remember, years ago, being tempted to write extremely scientific-sounding descriptions of fantasy races from time to time, but never felt like bothering with the technical terms :stuck_out_tongue:

This just gave me inspiration on more ways to show characters using magick :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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1985 :open_mouth: Ancient, secret treasure buried deep under a mountain that no one can ever get to but the one with the true map…I see :thinking: (my brain is going to random places today XD )

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You can. It’s just not easy to keep the child a child.

It was fun. I already play around with Latin and Greek for religious reasons, so it’s a bit second-nature to do all that.

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oh dude i love old writing self-critiques, lemme see what i have on file.

Google Docs says this is the oldest in terms of modifications. I know I have some older ones but they’re on a USB and I’m not at home rn. Alright, 14-year-old me, whatcha got?

2014 most beautiful excerpt ever

It’s no use! I’ll never be normal. I’ll never learn to control Blink. Wink thought, I forgot I named them like that…

her child-like fists curled into balls, her nails digging in so hard that a trickle of blood was seeping out. random tense shift And I’ll never stop killing… thank you for the dramatic ellipses, it really clears up the fact that you don’t know how to write.

A clear ball of liquid formed in both her eyes, growing larger and larger until it spilled over and ran down her pale face leaving behind salty trails. That is the funniest fucking way to describe tears ever I am a murderer, and I will never, can never stop. can’t decide if I should comment on the punctuation or not, there’s so much wrong with it She banged on the wall in frustration, biting her bottom lip to stop the tears. (quietly) don’t.

“Don’t worry, deary, everything will turn out all right. You just wait and see.” Blink said from inside her head. why does she talk like a granny? tune in next week to uncover this mystery!

Wink felt the familiar pressure squeezing her skull, felt her body’s senses slowly melting away into numbness as her psychotic alter ego took over. “”“psychotic alter ego”"" This time she didn’t fight it. WHY NOT

“There’s a good girl.” Blink cooed, out loud now that she had control of the body, “Sleep now,” She instructed.

“Blink, no I-” Wink trailed off, losing control of her speech I can taste the lack of research.

“Hush, love, just sleep.” Okay, grandma.

Wink couldn’t help but obey, and in the numbness she had become so accustomed to over the years, Wink lost herself.

The girl chuckled, her eyes were now a poisonous green and her hair jet black. This is definitely 100% how biology works.

“That was so much easier then before.” than. She said, walking over to a mirror that was hanging on the wall.

honourable mention: the complete lack of italics because I had a vendetta against them.

I knew this character went through a lot of changes over the years (for instance her name is Ann Mavros now instead of… :’) Wink Black) but i forgot how truly bad i made her first. r.i.p. in pieces.

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lol, I went through a phase like that. I used to avoid using “tears” at all costs XD I remember this one time I said “a salty wetness” :stuck_out_tongue:

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:skull: :joy:

i cannot fathom why either of us did that. ‘tears’ isn’t even an overused word lolol

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