Name a proper title for my novel project! POLLS

Here is what the story is about.

Anjan works as the Sovereign Court’s personal fixer, handling the problem and crisis that the royals and nobles and any wealthy person of the court deal with. He does it all while keeping the public from knowing what is going on, while helping the Sovereign establish order amongst her court. Anjan is also helping the Sovereign get better at being true to herself become the mask she is wearing and showing her court members. Anjan is also dealing with his own personal issues that involve his past and what will likely come in the future.

My novel is more so The Crown meets Scandal but set in a fictional futuristic world where magic is everywhere and coexist with advanced technology.

Here are the options:

  • The Sovereign’s Mask.
  • The Shadow in the Court.
  • The Mask Behind Sovereign.
  • The Scandalous Court.
  • The Imperial Fixer.
  • Other (explain in the comments)
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Choose wisely.
Thoughts and feelings?


It was between the shadow in the court and the sovereign’s mask for me, but since the story seems more about Anjan than the sovereign, I figured the shadow in the court was more fitting. They are both solid titles though.


Yeah, Anjan is the focal main character. Although every character is going to get their chance in the spotlight, some more than others, it’s really about Anjan and how he handles his job while dealing with other things in his personal private life and more.


I want to pick Imperial Fixer, but it’s just because it tickles me for some reason :grin:

Maybe a mix between The Sovereign’s Mask and The Shadow in the Court
and Imperial Fixer

Imperial Shadow of the Sovereign


I like that you use Sovereign instead of Court because these days it’s Court of this and that all over the place and I’m honestly tired of seeing titles like that :sweat_smile:


Behind the Sovereign Mask…

Just a word switch, and it seems a little more “Mmmm!” I think…

Yet to go with @TheTigerWriter and mix two, I’m leaning towards this:-

Shadow’s Behind the Sovereign Mask…



@TheTigerWriter and @Xelyn_Craft as well.

How about this title below?

Behind the Sovereign’s Mask: Shadow within the Court | Book 1.


I like it.

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Thanks. :grin:

Oh, I like it!

Last night I was thinking further on this title, and I came up with these options:-

Sovereign:- The Shadow behind the Mask.

Sovereign:- A Court of Shadow.

Sovereign:- Between Shadow and Masks.

Sovereign:- The Court Behind The Shadow Mask.



These are some interesting ones too!
Geez, you’re giving me so many ideas!


Gosh I’m unfashionable late aren’t I? :sweat_smile: Anyways, I like what the others suggested and what you ended up coming up with. These are the titles I came up with tho

  1. The Silent Shadow of the Masked Sovereign
  2. Masked Sovereign: The Unseen Shadow
  3. Behind the Mask: The Sovereign’s Invisible Shadow
  4. The Sovereign’s Shadow: The hidden mask
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