Name one piece of fictional technology that you are really impressed you made!

If you can list down more than one then that is alright too, but I rather just stick to one.

This is the fictional tech that can only be found in your story’s setting/world.

I thought about this and I really like this revamp idea of a old technology that was common in real life.

The idea was a digital payphone. In most countries on Avantica, there are payphone booth where a person can either make a phone call or talk to someone virtually.

The booth is similar to an enclosed bus stop, but it strictly for the pay phone.

  1. In order to make a phone call or virtual call, you can either pay with a credit/debit card or cash Or a phone card.
  2. The payphone is a smart screen touchpad and comes with menus and options.
  3. The booth comes with cleaning wipes so that the person can wipe away dirt and grime after it has been used.
  4. In each booth there are at least two or three phones.

That is all I have for the time being.
What about you?

You can feel free to comment on my idea and let me know what you like or dislike.

Remember, these techs are only found in your story’s world and NOT THE REAL WORLD.
I shall return later.



I have a Drake Helm.

It is used to speak with Dragons telepathically, and the wearer is able to see through the eyes of the Dragon too, no matter where each may be within the world. If worn regularly and for lengthy periods of time, a psychic bond is created between them for life. Currently, the only Drake who can be tuned into is Essingvaux. And he is under the influence of the Drake Sleep, and has yet to awaken…


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That sounds amazing!

Thank you.


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No problem!

A piece of fictional technology from my first novel.

The Mi-24EX Hind helicopter gunship (only six combat-capable prototypes exist). Think of a ‘normal’ Mi-24E with the following upgrades…

  • Larger turbines for increased speed (around 440km/h (270mp/h) if you don’t care about fuel economy) and payload.
  • Titanium alloy armour that can shrug off any bullet calibre smaller than 20mm.
  • Twin-linked 23mm cannon in the nose turret (instead of the normal 12.7mm Gatling gun).
  • Transport cabin volume increased to accommodate ten soldiers with their gear.
  • The crew can survive high-impact / uncontrolled landings (but the Hind will be written-off).
  • Multiple flare and chaff launchers for missile defence.
  • Oh, and in a later (discontinued) novel the three surviving Hinds are upgraded with Israeli avionics and weapon management systems, ECM / Jammers, new wings for increased agility, and launch rails on the wingtips for Python-4 or AIM-9M missiles.

There’s also a signature weapon used by one of the novel’s main characters, and his ex-girlfriend.

A thin Arabian dagger, 7-inch blade, never dulls, can be hidden inside a hiking / military boot, depressingly sharp and deceptively light…The dagger can be used as a throwing blade, and Kevlar vests don’t have a chance of stopping / slowing the cutting edge or tip…Only two of these daggers exist. They were made by a Bedouin tribe as anniversary gifts for an Israeli commando and his Bedouin girlfriend. Although the pair have since separated, they still fight alongside each other and use the daggers.

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Idk the technomagic translators are the most useful things, so is the Database but I wouldn’t really call them “impressive” because they’re far from uncommon things in sci-fi/fantasy :joy:

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My second novel features a high-calibre sniper / marksman rifle custom designed for (and can only be used by) one of the least combat-capable characters, who doesn’t like fighting anyway.

Ashley’s tinkered with FN-FAL battle rifle:

  • Hot-loaded .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.
  • Tungsten-core (sub-penetrator) ammunition.
  • Semi-automatic only.
  • Fifteen-round magazine.
  • Cold-forged competition barrel.
  • Titanium bolt and receiver.
  • Three telescoping springs fitted behind the bolt (reduces recoil to a ‘light kick’)
  • Flash hider / compensator designed to direct muzzle flash away from the shooter’s vision.
  • 12x telescopic zoom scope with multiple polarized lens elements and an automatic focus made by Lieca.
  • Laser range finder, also made by Lieca, linked to the scope.

The scope’s focus and zoom range were set for Ashley’s eyes only. Ashley is a full albino. She has very poor vision, depth perception and light sensitive eyes (photophobia). If any other character with ‘normal’ eyes tried to use the scope they’d only get blurred vision, severe headaches, and Ashley’s annoyed partner (see above Israeli commando) demanding to know why Ashley’s weapon was touched.

Oh, Ashley used her rifle twice in the novel, each time to save another main character’s life. But Ashley didn’t kill anyone. Rubber-coated training bullets will subdue most assailants.

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Are these real guns or based off real guns?

Are any of these fictional and can only be found in your world?


It alright. I will accept it.

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I don’t write a lot of scifi, so I’m more pre-industrial. That doesn’t mean that I don’t make things.

Let's see....In the Game of the Gods

There’s a sentient demi-god made from shoving the goddess’ tear (which holds memories) into what’s basically a hummingbird’s egg. Another god who didn’t want direct exposure to her memories made this because he was still curious about the thoughts. He shoved the just imbued egg in through his forehead so it would hatch in a corner of his mind. Basically the demi-god is a mental barrier in another god’s head until he’s ready to let it leave.

Then there’s a memory recording crown that can be used to extract true memories. They can be fooled a hair by focusing on the emotions you want to tie to what is being gathered, but not wholly. Expensive contraptions.

Shielding pearls: made from the eggshells if lizard-kins, usually made for the specific lizard who laid the egg: each eggshell layer is a one-time shield from events surrounding you. It could be from a physical attack or from a mental attack. The particular one is made by the goddess previously mentioned. It’s set in a ring that unfolds like a bear trap, repeatedly, so it bites through your flesh down to your bone. It doesn’t cause you to bleed because the wounds are held together by the selfsame ring. It makes the thing impossible to take off.

In the Assassin's Journals

There’s a statue that is collapsible, used to replace the real statue.
Magus is a wand-and-wood combination for Mages.

Silverstone phallus is a dildo.

Tiny crossbows. About the size of your hand. An Assassin’s tool.
The vats: pools of water for sensory deprivation, specifically to augment focusing on 6th sense talents like dowsing.
Portrait Sticks (not that they have a name). It’s a grass straw that you shove into flesh and it shifts until it becomes a portrait of the person. Really good for identifying the long dead.

Basically, it’s a matter of thinking about what the story needs and going in a weird direction that will make sens in-world.

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Nah, it doesn’t need to be science-fiction, it can be a technology that can exist in a fantasy setting also.

It’s just more an estimate on of how “glorious” it will be. Can’t make a sonic screwdriver work in the pre-industrial setting without plonking The Doctor in there.

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The FN-FAL is a real weapon.* Ashley’s weapon only looks like an FN-FAL (on steroids), the inner workings are entirely different. You could not find, or use, Ashley’s FAL in the real world.

Oh, Lieca is also a real company, but the rifle’s scope is fictional. I just chose Lieca because of their reputation for precision / high quality optics. Zorik (the referenced Israeli commando and Ashley’s partner) only allowed the best lenses / optics near Ashley’s delicate eyes.


In my first novel, Zorik used an ex-IDF FN-FAL (inherited from his father, a veteran of the 1967 and 1973 wars) fitted with a twin-drum magazine and modified for sustained automatic fire.* Zorik chose the FN-FAL platform for Ashley’s self-defence weapon because he is quite familiar with its design…and its ability to ‘resolve’ disputes…

*In the Vietnam War, the Australian SAS invented a few unofficial upgrades for their L1A1s (Aussie-made FALs) to allow for automatic fire. Turning them into ‘light’ machine guns. Zorik modified his heritage weapon into another FAL machine gun.

And the above mentioned Arabian dagger is 100% fiction. There is no real world counterpart.

Yayyyyyy :joy:

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I have the WAVE. It’s not in the real world. It’s Elgana’s version of the internet. It crosses space and adjusts to warped time on top of being able to do pretty much everything that our web can do. If there’s something impossible-sounding about it, that’s probably the magical part of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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selenite towers!
they’re like teleportation crystals from planet marcella (our earth) to alcemene kingdom (the moon)!

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In my steampunk novel way back, the utopian country’s scientists developed a metal able to withstand the heat of molten lava. They drove rods of this metal into the ground and used that heat to power their electricity instead of coal, nuclear, solar power, etc. so it provided a source of energy that would never run out and was too cheap to meter. And the people rejoiced. ٩(˘◡˘)۶


If you wanted to attach that to current applications, possibly piggyback it off of:


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