Nanowrimo Sprint Group!

Sprinting is where a group of people set a time limit and writes as much as they can before the time limit is over. Then they post their word count. It’s like a little race/competition used to inspire and help people get to writing!

Happy Nanowrimo, everybody! It’s the first day of November and people around the world are scrambling to write 50k words this month. But do you have a hard time writing alone? Do you want to have some fun while you write for your life this month?
Then join the sprinting group right here and have some fun!


  1. You have to set a timer that’s agreed upon by your group.
  2. Take into account that some people are in a different time zone. So if you say we’ll start at 7:05pm, make sure you put your time zone so they’ll know!
  3. Post your real world count for the sprint. Nobody likes a cheater.
  4. You can join any group and leave after one sprint if you want to. You don’t have to stay in a group if you don’t want to!
  5. Don’t post your story. This is just for your word count!
  6. HAVE FUN!

Hi! Is this open? I really NEED it

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I love sprinting!

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Me too! I need it so that I can stop procrastinating. I feel the urge to do one now.

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Yes! Just start a group here n go!

How do I start one?