Native American Name Help!

Hello! Looking for help on picking a Name for A Native American Girl who is a werewolf but also called a “Protector” of the tribe.

She has special gifts “Visions” and more

The Last name is Rainbolt.

  • Tayen- New Moon
  • Maiara - Great Wisdom
  • Catori - She is spirit
  • Kateri - Pure
  • Tamaya - Center of Everything
  • Ashwiyaa- Warrior
  • Other - Put in comments

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What tribe is she from? When I was writing a chapter for my own story on a native American family I realized lots of the names I chose weren’t native to their tribe and had to do a whole 180 :sweat_smile:.


Most Native Americans have regular anglo-american names. If you want a specific name, you may have to choose a specific tribe.

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I’d be more concerned with location and local tribe than definition of names because it’s more of a “pick a name” with those who don’t have a strong connection with their tribe.

See, I’m so long removed from my ancestors that it would be pretty pretentious to use any NA name.

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