Need a cover

title: Fate
author: Asmooth
subtitle: None
Story info: I have refs in a pirate age that is set in the 1650’s right around the 3rd English civil war and it has fantasy so Historical Fiction but the fantasy is light starting out, Main protagonist is a female captain but it’s no secret she hasn’t lived the pirate life.
Ideas: I figure she would be in the center with some detail more in the background of a town and a keep on the far right of the page the town in the center and she is on a port there is a rock mountain obscuring any visible see beyond the town/keep hiding behind her.
Mood/Color scheme: It can be a bit hyper realistic or anime style; it would be humans but the color mostly will be cool colors with small warm ones for magic and the uniform she may wear the rest is on rock and ships with a blur of the town behind a bit unless you want to push for more detail.

These are the descript I kinda want to see most of the other stuff is negotiable and I can pay through means of reads and comments atm but I prefer someone willing for a wattpad book

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I saw your request at @terraxxa’s shop earlier :eyes: did you withdraw your request? Designers generally don’t like it when people shop-hop—ask for the same graphic from different sources—unless they explicitly say so, and I’m not sure if they’re okay with it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m new to the website I don’t believe I did. terraxxa may have taken it down, yesterday I had one post and one post reply. I don’t know if CJ on Discord removed it so it could be placed within my page into looking for someone to have a cover otherwise yes I would like terraxxa to make me one if they wish. I have a screenshot if you wish of me messaging on hers.

The post is still there. You can check your posting history to find old threads or bookmark the thread

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