Need several (Or one or two really fast) Editors

What I need: As said above I need editors. Just your regular grammar, punctuation and if needed “I don’t need to know this delete” type feel. It will be via google docs and you can edit the doc yourself just please please comment a suggestion for me to erase something because I got fuzz brain and it might be important later.

Why I need it: I just realized this is the last year I can submit my story for the Wattys and between work, my fellowship and doing rewrites I’m all the way behind and doubt I will make it by the 28-29 (I set that time because last year when I tried to submit day of it glitched. It was tragic. Never again)

When I need it: I need the story completed in less than three weeks September 29th 11PM EST. The latest. I’m half way done but wont make it on my own.


Here’s the thing, all help is great but I can’t accept all help. Its a mature story with content warnings for:

Sexual Content.

Dubious consent.

Offensive Language.

Discussions of Mental Health

And Trigger Warnings for:

Mentions of past addiction & self-harm.

Mild depictions of violence.

Adult Situations and Dark Themes.

Abusive language

Depictions of manic phases. My MC has BPD like me but in the story she is allowing herself to spiral

Okay if you read my book or you looked at the trigger warnings like… That’s dramatic. I’m sorry. We never know what anyone else is dealing with so I like people to know and if these are anyones issues I would like to let them know what they’re getting into.

What’s in it for me? You must be wondering WELL payment of course. I’m on a tight schedule with literally no time so this is an as you go per scale thing. You edit a chapter, I read one of your chapters. Since my chapters are anything from 700-2000k words I would obviously make this even. So you edit a chapter with more than 1000 words I flood you with my comments. I’m funny. Ask around. You edit more than 5 chapters I add you to one of my reading list Disclaimer: This goes according to where I feel it fits best. I know what you’re thinking, who does this person think they are? Well hear me out. My guide book has been pinned to main site page on Wattpad all year I kept getting people visiting but had no content for them so made a bunch of, you like this, meet this person and it helps. You be my hero and knock down these chapters within a week and shout you out on twitter. I only have 1k+ followers but verified writers publishers and two politicians follow me so good buzz.

All editors get a permeant follow on Wattpad but those who edit more than 12k words get a follow on twitter Disclaimer: Sometimes people are gross on the internet I hold full rights to unfollow you if you’re offensive in a way that is not funny

Because this is time sensitive and I have a hectic schedule I will be doing this read for read style. Even if you can do five chapters I send you one in a shared doc you finish I give payment each time.

Disclaimer: My schedule is weird, I’m holding interviews for my job this weekend so my replies and payments will not be like 3pm on a Tuesday but certainly before weeks end likely Mon-Wen because I only have class those days.(also maybe randomly at like 2AM sometimes because I don’t sleep)

Okay you talk too much whats this story?:

The story is your standard Literary Fiction told in first person train of thought (Think the book You) with mild slang. It has an unreliable narrator and is told in duel timelines so depending on what you can and are willing to do it will be sporadic because I’m sending in order. My MC is annoying (TO ME) everyone is morally gray and if you know the story I mean no I’m not sending sex scenes. I don’t know how old anyone is and will edit that myself but the above warnings still stand.

Blurb/Description: Abandoned by Mr. Perfect, 26-year-old Rue, a young wife with a history of mental-illness and abuse begins a journal hoping to discover what about her sends men running? After a hot night with an old flame, Rue discovers the past isn’t what it seems, the present holds ugly secrets and letting go isn’t as easy as she believed.

The story of us is a slow-burn drama series with dark romance & explicit sex scenes. Think, 50 shades with a storyline. 365 DNI with people of color.

The series has billionaires, four love interests, hot sex, and two merging timelines told by an unreliable narrator who can’t see the world outside herself. Asking the question, what happens when a sucker for love learns not only is her story not a romance but she’s not the main character?

If this sounds like something you will be interested in: First of all… thank you you saint you?! OR demon, I don’t know your preference. Secondly comment here. DM me on Wattpad or Twitter. Let me know what you’re willing to do and what you want me to read or if you don’t have anything we can negotiate.


Editing experience

What kind of editing have you done. Do you have an example? If no what do you use to edit. Just need to make sure I will have human eyes because sometimes machines miss things.

Wattpad/ & or twitter user name:

I need this so I know who I’m following and when I give shout outs.

Age range: [15-17] [18-25] [Kid I’m grown lets do this (25+)]

I need this so I don’t send the a lightly spicy chapter to someone I shouldn’t but I’m fine with teens editing as long as you know your stuff.

How many chapters do you feel you can edit:

This is just a projection so I can check them off and know how to send so you say 5 I will hold off the consecutive for you if that makes sense.

How long do you need:

If you’re a one chapter a week human I’ll just know find more humans.

Are you good with slang, AAVE, do you need me to explain any mental health things:

I don’t use it in my book much but theres short language here and there and some of the sentences are purposefully ramble because this is in the head of someone ignoring a manic phase.

What would you like me to read:

Optional. If you don’t have anything now this will roll over. I’m giving perm follows so just message me like hey, I got my book now & I got you.

Okay, thanks for reading. Also, HELP ME WACKY WRITERS YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE.

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so… small question. How many chapters is it total? (or how many chapters after what you’ve done already?)

I might be able to work something out, I’m going to bed next so I’ll fill out the application in about 8 hours or sm, hopefully I can help out.

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It was 60 chapters but someone suggested I break the diary and present chapters apart so now (As of now I’m editing as we speak) 37 edited which was originally 19 chapters. I can’t say how many would be in total for my purposes because I forgot how many sex scenes there are and plan to rewrite and edit those and the trigger stuff if I can’t find anyone comfortable. Its not HORRIBLE but everyone is toxic so it can be a lot.

Eee, I’d love to help again. I know your story and you know I’ll edit any type of content! And I can do fast. But I’m already helping a few others with editing in time for the Wattys so am struggling for time this year. If you’ve got maybe a handful (3-5?) of chapters with content that you can’t give to others, let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze it in! You’ve got my email… Good luck!

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I might be interested and I should have some time available.


Editing experience:

I’m a former ESL (or whatever acronym they’re using this week) teacher. I’ve done a little bit of freelance editing. I am bnlfan’s critique partner and I have edited many of her works. You can look at The Numbered and many of her short stories as examples. There are other books by other Wattpad writers that I have edited, but I usually arrange to keep my involvement a secret, purely because I don’t want to be pestered. I’ve also edited friends’ work when they’ve sent it to be beta read. What do I use to edit? My own eyes. I have a lifetime premium ProWritingAid account, but you’re completely right in that machines aren’t infallible. They can’t account for style.

As far as the type, I proofread, make recommendations for cuts/additions that might be needed, I look at consistency. I’m the person who could tell you that James Rollins uses a version of “limn” in just about every book he writes…and when it doesn’t appear, I notice that, too. I can tell you if you’re overusing a word or if there’s a more concise way to say it. I’m also that person who can shrink a word count. Need to cut a query/research paper by 20 words? I’m your gal…and I can do it in ten minutes with kids screaming in the background.

Wattpad/Twitter Name:

Wattpad: SomewhatDistracted Twitter: @ DistractedWrite

Age Range: Probably old enough to be your mother, 25+.

How many chapters: 12Kish words. I would want the first 12K words if at all possible so things will make sense to me.

How long: One week, but I can probably do that in a day if I’m not critiquing it. It just depends on your writing. From a glimpse, it looks like I could do that in one day…however…I have four kids and a new kitten. I’m also watching a puppy during the week…and my work comes first. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, but puppies and kids aren’t always cooperative.

Am I good with slang:

I’m old, however, I can usually figure it out. I do not know what AAVE is, but I would assume that it is explained in your story. If I have questions, I’ll ask or mark them.

What am I reading: I’m reading The Crave series by Tracy Wolff, currently on the second book, Crush–I think. The editor in me has screamed many times since I started the series last week. Did the writer really need three “suddenly’s” in two pages, two of them in subsequent paragraphs? Obviously, I got over that…because I ended up reading it in a couple of days and buying the next book. But the editor has been screaming.

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Editing experience
I’ve helped a few different authors on here with picking up pacing, trimming down word counts, and suggesting ways to even out flow and POV. I can do grammar, just usually not what I’m asked for. I don’t have their works with me, obvs, but I can tag or PM you some of the authors on here I recall off the top of my head? I use google docs 95% of the time :slight_smile:

Wattpad/ & or twitter user name:
@SayWatt74 is my WP, dont have a serious twitter account atm.

Age range: [18-25] I’ve read and handled pretty dark scenes, so I’m mostly trigger free (war is actually a trigger for me though), if sm comes up in the moment I can’t handle i’ll let you know.

How long do you need: I’ve done 1.7k in about 2 days, but on a completely off work day I might be able to that it in one. I could probably do btwn 3-6 chapters a week, maybe more but I dont want to oversell.

Are you good with slang, AAVE, do you need me to explain any mental health things:

like @SomewhatDistracted I don’t know what AAVE stands for but I’ll look it up. I"m pretty good with slang, and I’ve researched and been around w a lot of mental health stuff.

What am I reading: I… will get back to you on this lol.

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Honestly I wanted to ask but I didn’t want to bother you. I did SO MANY REWRITES let me know if you can do some I’ll shoot it over.

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HELLO! first. You’re awesome I taught for only 11 months and COULD NOT DO IT. You guys dont get paid enough. I’m actually half way through editing the story so it would be a second half would it be okay to send some words and maybe give you a jist example:

Main Character: Rue, self centered speaks mostly in casual slang. These mental health issues constant need for attention but feels shes “Not like other girls”

Her brother is “ABCD”

OMG yesh can I inbox you

AAVE is African American Vernacular English. The same way I’m writing. Casual but not full slang. I dont have a lot of “Its lit” or things like that but a sentence I can use for an example is something like:

If I’m being honest. I dead ass don’t know what to write.

Now I want to read this. I’m sorry I think I worded it wrong do you have any stories you would like me to read comment ect. This technically is a read for read since to edit you’re reading and I want to add proper payment or boost something of some sort.

Its okay I’m going by honor system

Mt Mc’s husband is a Marine but he’s on leave for most of the story and she cant see outside herself so it doesn’t come up much theres just a trip to the ball in DC and she is a bit trigger happy when triggered but no war.

I explained it pretty vague above but if you need the definition its:

African-American Vernacular English, also referred to as Black English, Black English Vernacular, or occasionally Ebonics, is the variety of English natively spoken, particularly in urban communities, by most working- and middle-class African Americans and some Black Canadians.

I say this because certain phrases or speech patterns are purposefully grammatically incorrect and that why I can highlight or explain it if need be. Example… the word Coming but for the other meaning. I had a French publisher ask me to change it and I get it but theres a reason lol

Im so sorry Im going to edit this now its confusing everyone. I meant if theres anything you want me to read. If I have to only have to focus on rewrites and edit the Triggering/XXX scenes I can read your stories as part of the payment. I read a lot faster than I write so if theres anything you want let me know.

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okay that’s fair, i dont think it’ll bother me =) thanks for the advisory tho

gotcha gotcha, I am a little familiar with that, I work around a lot of African-Americans. Your example above was very familiar to me heh, but if there’s something I’m confused on I’ll make sure to check.

If you are willing to have me, I’m fine to start with 5-7 chapters? Or however you would like to start on it or break it up.

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I’m currently doing rewrites so I can send 4 The format Im using is weird since its a duel timeline so to explain Half the story is an self centered adult recalling their teen years in a journal. The other half is in present time. So it will be like

Dear Journal
Dear Journal

I messaged you on Wattpad let me know what works for you

OH! @SayWatt I also forgot some of the chapters will be missing some info! I can’t check ID on here so don’t want to send any explicit sex scenes and my character has a lot of thoughts during so let me know if something doesn’t make sense and I will explain.

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If you aren’t already good on people, I can help out. I’m quite quick, and definitely can get everything done in three weeks (most likely sooner).

I’ve edited some various things for work, a few newspaper op-eds (some published in international outlets), and obviously my own writing. As to not dox myself, I don’t want to share those, but let it suffice to say I’ve been around the block a few times.

FranklinBarnes for Wattpad, FBarnes_Author for Twitter (although I don’t check the latter too much)

The days when I was under 25 were long ago. So yes: kid, I’m grown—let’s do this.

I’m personally intending to edit at least 40 chapters if you have that many so it matches my own work, and if I finish said 40 and you have more while there’s still time, I’ll keep going on. Do note I work quickly, but I also tend to be fairly sparse with my comments, especially when it’s more focused on grammar. So don’t expect too many insightful, deep comments on all the nuances of your plot unless there’s something clearly wrong going on.

I’m good with anything content-wise.

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I’m going to consider that book comment of mine as a “the sun has really bleached out my hair this summer” moment. LOL

For stories you’re reading or commenting on, would you be willing to look at my first three chapters of the new story I’m working on via GoogleDocs? I want to revise those chapters first, so it would be middle of the week (and after I’ve completed my edits of your work) before I would have them to you. More than anything, I’d want to know if I’m on the right track with the story or if I should market it as the cure for insomnia.

The more the merrier TBH I just want to have final draft. I already read your story but I can unlike and re-like chapters for confirmation and I haven’t commented so those would be fresh and I would have to reread to refresh my memory so you would still get the view just letting you know for fairness if that’s cool with you I’ll send you a message on WP for email and we can do it read for read style.

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Don’t worry about unliking and reliking or anything that complicated, but I’ll gladly take the comments. You can see how many insights reveal themselves only on a second reading…

Haha, no worries! And sorry I can’t offer more. Happy to do a few though. Once you know which, if any, chapters you want me to do, send me an email and I’ll whizz through them.

Hi, not sure if this thread is still active and I know the Watty’s deadline is in a few days, but I’m interested in helping out.

Editing experience

I’m a technical writer (I work in biotechnology) but I’ve been writing fiction for some time. I’m in graduate school studying creative and technical/scientific writing. I have experience copyediting/copywriting, I’ve been taking creative writing classes off and on since I graduated high school, and I have to constantly edit both for school and for work. I have a minor in creative writing too. I haven’t tried the query/publish process or tried to push any of my fiction because I haven’t been able to finish a project yet but I have a WIP that I’ve been working on for two years and I’ve been writing it based on all the things I’ve learned, although it is still in the early drafting phases and has mistakes and such.

Wattpad/ & or twitter user name: RowanCarver

Age range: [15-17] [18-25] [Kid I’m grown lets do this (25+)] I’m 25

How many chapters do you feel you can edit: I can usually edit one chapter a day, so 8-10 chapters?

Are you good with slang, AAVE, do you need me to explain any mental health things: Everyone speaks slang where I’m from so that shouldn’t be a problem and I’m good with everything else.

What would you like me to read: I have a sci-fi called King Eden, but if you’re like super busy and whatever I totally get if you don’t want to do an exchange, the editing practice will really be beneficial for me anyway.