Much cute~

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Ah, there you are!! Can you please explain to me what this “Orientation” thread is please? It’s all very confusing. Unless it’s in the instructions, which I haven’t read entirely yet…

And what those badges next to a profile mean? I know you aren’t a moderator or anything. But you seem to know quite a bit… :joy:

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I’m always here, yes.

Okay, so the game is about a magic world and we got sorted into three different magic schools. I got into Creation so I have “Student of Creation” title, you got into Illusion so you got “Student of Illusion” title (you can put it next to your name if you go under preferences).

As for the thread, we’re all “attending” magic school, so that thread was like an opening of the year, I think? They also allowed us to ask questions.
The users who first posted in the thread are NPCs who are like heads of our schools.

I hope this clears it at least a bit.

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It does!

As for that, I can’t post there. It’s off limits to me?

And how do we keep track of game progression, and updates? It’s a bit of an info dump at the moment.

(I dont imagine I can make a Wizard Mafia Group and take over the academy? Like the good old days) :joy:

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I didn’t. :pensive:

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No one can anymore, it got closed.

I put you in an ARG group and the group gets tagged when anything major happens. There are recaps which are like newspaper where you can caught up with what happened recently. And there is The Grimoire which holds all the info we know for now. I know it’s a lot of text, but everything is there. If you don’t want to read all of it, you can read just the Timeline part (it’s at the end of The Grimoire).

Ohmygod yes please make it!! You can make it in Tenebris category. Like a secret mafia working to uncover secrets. xD

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You didn’t what? :eyes:

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Receive a badge… :pensive:

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I’ll tag you. XD

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Not a badge, just a title. Go under preferences, you’ll see you can use “Student of Illusion” as your title.

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Yes! Great!

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@Swaggersaurus what happened to it? :flushed:


My fricking keyboard just… :joy:
Keep it a secret, I’ll finish it up. I will not let our work go to waste! Lol. Hold up, does that mean there will be two? :joy:

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Ohh okay. :eyes:

Nah, the first one got deleted. :joy:

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update the Grim

  • A Hidden Thread: Private Connection: Established (It says “Info added later”)

  • A Hidden Thread: Private Connection: Re-established (It also says “Info added later”)

  • (FOR THE ARG) Seeking the Three Books of Unlimited Power

  • Orientation

  • Garden Thread

  • new NPC

update the taglist

update ARG group

Coding homework

@Calmwolf @lst-my-shp-sil can one of you maybe add the first three things to The Grimoire? I wasn’t there for two of them so I don’t know much about it. :see_no_evil:


[Not important.]

I guess I won’t be here that much anymore…

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Which is kinda good.


I have…stuff to do.

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