New Competition Looking for Judges

Hello everyone! I started a competition this year and I was looking for dedicated judges.

The Leonis Awards will only have one winner, but a few special category winners. Judges will need to fill out a google form to keep their responses anonymous to participants.

There are no limits on judges. You can decide on whatever Genre you would like as well, or judge multiple genres if you wanted to. For every one judge we have for a genre, that genre gets an additional two slots for the competition.

I do this to make sure judges are not overworked with the competition, and to help their sanity. I know it can be a lot of work judging various works, so in this competition you won’t judge more than two books at a time until the final round, where all judges review and rate the best of each genre and we decide a winner.

Give me a bit more information on the deadlines and I’ll see if I can.

Sure! Judges should read the first five chapters of the stories they judge. during the first few rounds, each judge has about two weeks to get through each set of books (no more than two books). When the finalists are announced, I’ll give everyone a month to go over all finalists and submit their final ratings.

After the winner is decided, judges nominate stories for special categories and we vote on them. I expect this process to take at least another month, because after the season winner is decided I want to give judges more time as a bit of a break from the previous readings.

Sounds doable. I’ll look more into filling it out at home.

Been a judge before, and pretty flexible.

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Saving this, as I’m pretty interested, just gotta see what the rules are. :slight_smile:

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Can you send me the link for the judges form? I can’t copy it to put it in my browser on my phone. :slight_smile:

Here is the judge application

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Thank you! I filled it out a few days ago (maybe yesterday) :slight_smile: when I was able to get on a computer.

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