New Reality - RP

Errol sat on the ground, smiling politely as the woman listed off a few titles she carried. “Ah, vampire. That makes sense.” He was familiar with a few different non-human species, and vampires were one of them. Though, there were many different types of vampires and Errol wasn’t an expert on what each kind was capable of. He had no idea what Kaes Lamia, as she had introduced herself as, could do.

Interesting, she wasn’t native to this place either. Errol wondered if there was some sort of magical pull bringing people from far away to this spot. But why? For what purpose?

But then there was the mention of their third party member, still lurking about somewhere. “Yes, I noticed that too,” he said, glancing behind him to the spot where he’d been searching before. “I think they’re shy, whoever they are. I’m pretty sure they used a masking spell of some kind to keep themselves hidden. They may have run off already, to be honest. You probably scared them away.” He looked back to Kaes with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I assume when they want to be perceived, they shall make themselves known. Until then,” he paused to stand up, brushing himself off before walking over to the vampiric woman, “you and I appear to be stuck together. Care to help me figure out the mystery of how we ended up in this odd forest and why?”


She sniffed and hardened her gaze. “Good.” her tone was flat and held nothing of interest. Kaes wasn’t sure if she could disclose her thirst to Errol since it would leave her somewhat vulnerable, but her hands were itching to do something and it wasn’t going to be good if she tried to stave it off any longer.

Kaes inched away from him, wary of what he was trying to do. “I have boundaries you know,” she said rather rudely, but at that point she didn’t really care what she came off as. “Do as you wish, I have no interest in your agenda.” She brushed him off and began walking in another direction before turning back and opened her mouth. “Oh, if you do meet the hidden person or whatever, tell them I said hi.” And with that, she left to try and find a better, less annoying meal.

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Errol could tell she was irritated, but didn’t realize it had anything to do with her vampiric thirst. At least not yet. He was known for pushing his luck, so didn’t care when she said she had boundaries. “Oh but what fun is that?” he said with a wicked smile, stepping closer still. “You don’t think you can honestly get rid of me that easily, do you? Come now, we could help each other.”

But Kaes turned and walked away, leaving Errol with an unamused look on his face. Boring Errol was never a great idea. That’s when someone became expendable to him. “Alright, fine. When you run into trouble, I’ll be waiting. Just call my name and I’ll come,” he shrugged. He’d come and watch at least. Whether he actually helped her if she was in peril was debatable at this point.

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(too bad man, I bet Kaes is going to leave Errol in the dust for sure, then)

Madelina wished she has popcorn, it was becoming like a daytime soap opera. Though if that were one, the woman and the man were on a crash course to a marriage that will be rudely interrupted by a scorned lover. She suspected that would never happen to them.

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