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I was referred here by a friendly person on WattPad; I have a fresh account on there and I have never participated or interfaced with any of these literary platforms and I am a completely amateur writer.

I apologize if this is the wrong format or etiquette for these posts. If I have made a mistake, let me know and I’ll correct it or take this down.

That being said, I have three chapters (~2k words each, 9k total) of a fantasy story posted on WattPad. I would appreciate someone taking a look, and sharing something back. Feedback also wanted!

Thank you.


The link –

Description –

"Nephistes, a young boy, none older than 100 years old, and his mother, Phala, travel into the varied and ostentatious depths of the Under-Soyl – the endless, cosmic ink resting below the world; the furnace of Creation; the Lower Dominion of the Lord of Death, Veksys.

This on-going story treads the steps of Nephistes as he learns and assumes his role in rapture. "

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Hi, welcome to the forums and wattpad. To increase interest, you should state what your book is about, and add a link to the book on Wattpad. Try reading the rules of the category, where I think there should be a form to use.

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I’d love to check out your story! could you share a link?

Here’s my story!

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Hi, thanks! The main post now has the link.

Share yours here, too, or dm it to me!

Thank you. I’ve edited the post.

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I’m happy to trade! I have two options that you can choose based on your genre preference:

Romance option: Prologue & Chapters 1 - 4 make up 9k words (Black Ties & White Lies - homespunhippogryph - Wattpad)

Contemporary Fiction option: Chapters 1 - 4 make up 8k words but that’s okay for me (Mom Genes - homespunhippogryph - Wattpad)

Let me know if you want to swap either of them!

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If you’re looking for feedback, I’ll read the one you’re more interested in me reading; I’m open-minded and need to interface with genres I’m not used to, anyway.

I don’t mind either, promise – just let me know.

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No worries! In that case, would you mind swapping Black Ties & White Lies. It’s a finalist right now for the grand prize in The Prime Awards 2021, so I’ll take any workshopping feedback I can get!

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I would be happy to trade
Romance/Teen fictiong - First love kisses and love letters. First love, kisses and love letters - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad

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Of course!