Night Owl Hotel #2

Welcome to the Night Owl Hotel, new edition! You can check out any time you like, but can never leave. Everyone is welcome, not just Night owls, but you will find us here at all odd hours of the night.

The only rule is to respect others and abide by site guidelines. We are to discuss writing, life, be supportive of each other, and have fun. I will make the tag list as people want to join. Just ask!

Tagging old regulars I know are here so far:
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@astrophile @LacySheridan


Would help if I got her name right, don’t mind me. Over tired :rofl:

No worries!

Hello, hello

Hello, how are you?

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It closed as I was typing lol

I’m good, just chillin rn

Same. Just writing

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Lol, I’m procrastinating on writing

Oof. lol. It’s update day for me tomorrow so I am getting this chapter done.

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@astrophile Well to answer your question (on postpartum depression)

It’s a factor. It’s kind of awful to have that expectation put in your head then end up hating it. Makes you feel like you must be a shitty mom when it’s actually normal because breastfeeding is uncomfortable (when it’s not straight up painful) and exhausting and stressful and after 9 months of growing a human you still don’t get to be in charge of your own body

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Ah, I understand. It sounds like a lot to handle.

I have random scheduled updates so I don’t feel any pressure, (I’m also in school so like…)

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Yeah, people need to stop building up parenthood to something it’s not, and stop making it sound like it’s for everyone. It’s fine if it’s something you truly want, if you truly want that experience and you love kids, but it’s really not fair to make it out to be one thing when it’s not for everyone.

I work full time. I feel that. Having them scheduled just makes it easier for my readers.

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Yeah it does, I used to have that but then my editor keeps procrastinating too so I’m just waiting for her to finish editing a chapter

It is. But then your baby cuddles up to you with the milk drunk face or gives you the love eyes and you suck it up because they’re worth it


Ah yeah. I am a few chapters away from finishing both of these books, and just have to go back and do some character editing on the one.

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