ONC 2023: A Wacky Reading List

It’s that time of year again!

If you have your books posted for ONC 2023 please link your stories down below and they’ll be added to the Wacky Writers Wattpad profile’s reading list.


– Joy :darkbunnylord:


Here’s mine: Angel of the Dark || ONC 2023 - Alex ☕️ - Wattpad

thank youuuu! <3

Here’s my ONC entry: The Bones Below | ONC 2023 - K. Graves - Wattpad
:fox_face: Thank you~

Here’s mine: The Mechanical Muse (ONC 2023) - Franklin Barnes - Wattpad

@FranklinBarnes @HKelle @MiniMoxx Added


Here’s mine :grin:
In the Lost Protector is an Emerald Soul

Ok, my 3 current entries: all have 2K up and are entered…

Wolf & X Bunny ONC 2023

Kindergarten Constellation ONC 2023

The Essence of U ONC 2023

@J.L.O @TheTigerWriter Added!


Thank you! :blush:

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Here’s mine: https://www.wattpad.com/story/334067254-secrets-of-the-amulet-onc-2023
Thank you! :black_heart:

Here’s mine: Unspoken Agreement | ONC 2023 - Regan - Wattpad

Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

Yes, I did 5 more for this round. After experiencing a glitch disqualification last year, I figure “the more the merrier”. 8 is about the limit of what I can handle, if all goes well.

Djinn Trap ONC 2023

Maysie’s Galaxy ONC 2023

The King’s Three Sons

Coins on a Battlefield ONC 2023

A Riding Need ONC 2023 A Riding Need ONC 2023 - J. L. O. - Wattpad

Everyone has been added so far

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Hi. I’ve got an ONC story.


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Suppose nobody minds if I jump in with a story of my own? :rofl:

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Here’s mine!! Hotel Nowhere (ONC 2023)

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Both have been added!


thank youuuu~

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