ONC Winners had been announced

Hi guys, I know by this point interest in ONC usually wanes, but don’t forget to check out the winners and congratulate them on their achievement:


It does kinda feel like interest in ONC has washed away by the time the winners are finally announced :joy:

I’m a bit disappointed to not at least get an honorable mention, but ultimately I’m happy Faceclaim was even on the shortlist to begin with. I hope I will be able to check out the winners!


The prompts and the first couple months are the best part… I am happy for the winners, though. I know half of them, heh.


I didn’t get past Round Three, I think I may have freaked them out lol.


Lol, I just sucked, so you did better!

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One rejected on a glitch before 1st round, another dead at the long list or whatever it is? Yeah, I’ve been having “not paying attention time” since then, too.

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