One chapter R4R

Hi everyone. For the first time in 6 months I’m writing again and would love to get some eyes and comments on the first chapter of my nineties time travel story.

It’s an early draft so please don’t expect much. It also doesn’t really work as a standalone story as it’s an alternative ending to another story I wrote last year, but the first chapter should be follow-able without having read the previous book. (Have I sold it to you yet?!)

Anyway, in return, I’ll either:

  1. Read and comment on one chapter of your story.
  2. Edit one chapter of your story.

Note that I’m better at editing than commenting, but feel free to chose either.

Here’s a link to mine: The Reason Jude Exists - Alternative Ending - Chapter 1 - Wattpad

Please let me know which payment you’d like and drop me a link.


I’ve already read some of your work, so yes! I’ll do it.
I’d like the 1st option.
my chapter

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Hi Ava, your old client here :grinning:
I’m up for the exchange since I’ve read the whole book. And for the payment, I will go with the second option (editing) since I still have the same problem as last year xD

My chapter is here

Lemme know if you accept!

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Great - thanks both! Accepted and will get to your chapters this week. Lovely to hear from you both.

@pipwusa @xtayaxx

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All done! :blush: Lots of interesting characters.

@pipwusa I’m getting to yours today. As you want me to edit, do you have it in google docs so it’s easier to make specific comments?

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I’ve sent the invitation.

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Perfect, all done! Hope it’s useful. Loads of luck with the new story. And thanks for the comments on mine - always appreciated

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Thank you! It helps a lot :slight_smile:
And good luck with your alternative e-ending book.

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Hey! We did an exchange a long time ago. Would you want to do a one-chapter exchange with my creator’s program book? I haven’t gotten any feedback on it at all and your input would be really helpful. Like your story its a very early draft. Link

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I remember. And then life happened! Things are a little calmer now so we could either go back to our original exchange on our other stories. Or happy to go with the exchange you’re suggesting here.

Let me know which you’d prefer!

I have completely rewritten everything we exchanged before and I’m about to rewrite it all again. It’s not really ready for feedback yet because I have to finish redoing it. But feedback on the book I’m using for the creator’s program would be helpful because I haven’t started designing that redraft yet.


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I really love your new story idea! Honestly, sometimes I am super-envious of writers who keep working with the same cast and verse. I feel like my brain is like ‘squirrel!’ and chases after the new story. I want to discipline it more and make my stories deeper/better.

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Thank you so much. Feedback from you always means so much as I know how seriously you take the craft.

I’m usually easily led astray by new characters/stories, but for some reason I’m stuck so trying to write it out. It’s been fun!

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I didn’t comment on your story, yikes. I completely forgot lol. I’ll get to it asap

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@Norwood515 your new draft is amazing! thank you for your comments!

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I’m interested jn the first option.
The link to my story is: Love, Grace. - Sylvia - Wattpad

No worries - thanks so much for your comments

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Any idea why Sylvia’s comment was flagged?

Thank you! :blush: Really appreciate you taking a look. Was great to pick up yours again - you’ve got an amazing talent

Automated system that weeds out spam bots. It mistakes new accounts posting multiple links as a spam bot fairly often

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