One or the other title? [poll]

I’m back with the one with foxes again :stuck_out_tongue:

For a urban fantasy mystery about a fox police cadet who’s after the culprit of his father’s murder. But then he, frenemy fox, and their friends go after suspect alligator and suspect human. But then they all begin to realize there was more to the father’s murder than meets the eye :eyes: Not just about jealousy or lies, but maybe something that involves the peace of the entire world?

  • Foxes After Scales And Skins
  • Paws Fight, Liars Burn

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I would shorten it to Foxes vs Scales

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Nick Wilde spin-off? :eyes::joy:

But I like the paws one. :paw_prints:

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Sorry, I can’t choose. I don’t like any, they sound weird… don’t listen to me, I’m hard to please.

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