Opinion on Character Face Claims

If this is the son (biracial; Caucasian and Native American), which woman would best be a face claim for him? She is only in her thirties and he is seventeen.


Mother Options:
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I was also considering the actress Tanaya Beatty. What are your thoughts?

My MC (Biracial; Caucasian and Afro-Canadian)

P. S. Her hair is meant to be naturally dark red, or Auburn. I figured with her dad being a redhead (or Auburn is more like I tried to make it), and her mother is brunette, she would be lucky and have dark reddish brown hair.

Could this be her father? Is it plausible?

I’m still trying to find a picture that resembles her mother, who she shares a similar skin complexion to; as her mother is also biracial (Caucasian and Afro-Canadian).

I was thinking this. But, I don’t have Photoshop to lighten the tone of her skin. She is described as having matching/similar skin to her daughter.

You post the pic of the mom and I can probably match it to the girl pretty easily since they are well-designed to do just that. If I don’t get to it, there’s others that can.

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This is pretty much what I was thinking. One of these maybe. I don’t know who she is, or I’d get a more fully clothed photo, and get rid of the writing.

As for the “father”, he’s got the same or similar color eyes. Hair color doesn’t have to match exactly, but I did get it darker, although since it was a saturated pic, it wasn’t the easiest to do.


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Thank you. What about the mother?

Well, first, a reverse image search:

I see a couple of matches on this.

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Ulyana or Ульяна should be the woman’s name.

Finally got a translation on her full name: Ulyana Berdysheva, that’s off of nudedxxx, so…


Tons of pics, nothing xxx, on the screen shot of google.

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Oh okay. Thank you. Do you think these could be plausible parents? I’m more concerned with the mother’s face claim.

She has some similarities between both. It should work.

When you have highly mixed ancestry, there’s a lot of “throwbacks”, where kids look like grandparents and great grandparents, but not their parents. In families where the genetics are closer, yes the kid looks like grandma or great grandma, but thy look just like their dad, too.

For your MC, it’s “where did the freckles come from?” because dad doesn’t have them–but most redheads DO, so his own mom or dad could have them, and that would take care of it.


I know what you mean about children looking like their grandparents sometimes. I myself am multiracial.

Her grandmother (dad’s mom) had red hair and freckles. I didn’t know how to add freckles to his picture as I only have basic Photoshop. Not the real one.

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I’m using GIMP. It’s free.


Mine are about that light. Makes me want to scrub my face. lol

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Thank you :relaxed: