Out of Context! What happened in your story the last you worked on it?

Tell them to be nicer to old Crow wtf. Especially new Crow smh.

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But old Crow has many shiny things to steal c:

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omg XD

Yocha, ever-present yet unseen, thrummed with a strange mixture of impatience and glee. This was her opening. “The healer speaks truth!” Her voice echoed unnaturally in the silence. “Yet, why would Nahil conceal such knowledge? Unless…”

Nahil, thinking he can just casually throw Mari under the bus to protect Hida:


Also I like how Hida and IDA are doing important stuff in the Labyrinth assuming Mari’s gonna pull through on his part of the deal, meanwhile Mari’s over here playing Danganronpa

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My characters became a little too self aware :joy:

“Oh yeah,” Jay said. “We all have our guilty pleasures. Take Amneris for example–” He jabbed his thumb towards her and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper-- “she loves cartoons.”
Aurora grinned. “Really?”
“Yup! She’ll always watch that one with those teens and that talking dog whenever Blaze watches it.”
“You mean Scooby Doo?”
“First of all,” Amneris interrupted, “I can hear you. Second of all, how those kids get away with half the shit they do, I will never figure out. The fact none of them are dead is just . . . wow.”
“You said you’re a God, right?” Aurora asked. “Can’t you just pop on in and see for yourself?”
“I could,” Amneris answered, “but I’m 100% certain that would break a whole bunch of copyright laws.”


Celebration! :smile:

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That is awesome XD

It’s like when Eryn thinks things like "as if I’m a character in a fantasy story :roll_eyes: "


Ace calls a smartphone a “magical device”.

The End


I have a similar line in book 1 where Amneris goes “this isn’t a fantasy novel!” so the development from that to the copyright is pretty big :joy:

Love it when characters call out book tropes tbh it’s hilarious


There’s also a moment where Eryn thinks the Red Queen is a bad actress in a theme park, so the story goes:

The woman was waiting, hand outstretched. No clue as to where this plot was going. Eryn fiddled with the bracelet. Maybe the woman was going to do some magic with it?

Fun fact: I actually had no clue where the plot was going here XD


The Gryphon eats the oysters and steals the pearls.

:rofl: I love it!


Opiliodas and Halin (a pirate siren) are about to open the door to the captain’s chambers and are getting extremely bad vibes from it (literally, Opi can feel it on her legs)


Subconsciousness Bethany calls the list “stupid”.