Paper cuts, hangnails, stub toes! Oh my ouch!

The minor pains always seem to hurt the worst for me. Maybe I just strongly dislike all pain.

What do you think of minor pains that are annoying as hell?

My Turn:
Got a hangnail that isn’t bothering me too much unless I touch it.
Caught a leg cramp while I was sleeping and that wasn’t so bad, but it was still irksome.

Bonus Question:

What was the worst minor or major pain you’ve experience recently?

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cramps :upside_down_face: in that time of month


Yeah, some women get terrible period cramps than other women.

It’s a sucky situation.

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Speaking of

Mine came on Christmas :upside_down_face: The year-end hoorah, I guess.


Shut up! Mine came on Christmas Eve!
That is so bizarre!



lol, omg XD

We’re linked. We’re not even in the same country XD

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Oh god! That is funny!

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Next month, too, probably. Unless one of us is early or late. Well, good night XD

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Yeah, true! LOL!
Good night!

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Basically the closer it is to my face, the worse it is. Spine ain’t cool either.


the mild to moderate aches and pains brought on by my own terrible posture and genetics! shrimpgang 2k23

also fevers. hate them. i’m a baby about being too warm, i hate the way it makes my thoughts all sticky and dizzy. it’s like instant overstimulation :sob:


YESSS. I hate it. :sob:

When something falls on my foot, particularly my toes. It happens most when I try to put groceries away.

When I bump my elbow somewhere, like a wall or door frame.

Getting a blister on the back of my ankle (usually from wearing brand new shoes) and even when wearing socks, the back of the shoe rubs against it…

When my cat, whom sleeps on me most nights, starts kneeding on my bare back because my blanket is off me.

Wearing headphones and laying on a pillow—the headphone piece pushes against my ear and makes it throb and uncomfortable. Earphones did a similar thing, but it was mostly just inside my ear.

Mosquito bites.

Hangnails don’t hurt until I pull them out. :rofl: Which, apparently, you’re not supposed to do lol.

When an uneven and sharp toenail (that desperately needs to be cut) isn’t cut and the threads from the inside of a sock catches on it… it pulls at the nail. Oof, I hate those.

Canker sores.

A zit on my nose or mouth. Usually the ones that hurt the most are on the tip of my nose or in-between the indent where my nostril is, and then the one for my mouth is on the edge of my lips (that part that lets your mouth curve into a smile, etc.)

Boils under my arm pits and private area. When I get one on my vag, it freaking hurts so much—like I can’t walk, can’t put underwear on… ugh.

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rip why do those tiny mouth zits have to hurt so much :sob:

wet heat can help with both of these btw! a cloth dampened with hot water applied to the pimple or boil can gently open them and drain them. Make sure u use a clean cloth and wash your hands first though. Also getting boils might be a sign to change out your razor, since a blunt razor can damage your skin and leave openings for the bacteria that naturally exists on your skin to get inside and cause infection, e.i. boils.

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