Passed on knowing nothing/died in ignorance?!

Have you ever created a character who died before knowing the reveal of the what was to come?

Like this character never knew the truth and was killed off before knowing anything and knowing the reveal would have changed plenty or everything for that character, but they died never getting that crucial information that could have save their life in the end.

Did you ever write a character like in that in any of your own stories?

My Turn:

I believe I wrote something like that in the House of Naivin and maybe in another story if I memory serves me still. So, I am unsure but I still feel it was there.

What about you guys?
Thoughts and feelings?



Nope, but it sounds like a great plot twist! ヽ(^。^)丿

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It actually would.

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Yes. I have two deaths of rather important supporting characters on my hands.

Well, the second one kind of knew what was to come.

The first didn’t.


I never finished it.

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Anybody else want to answer this?