People who have watched Netflix’s Sandman, how would Mr. Sandman react to Kuro-sensei?

So I watched the first episode of Netflix Sandman with my dad bot but I never felt like I knew these characters, least of all Sandy. Outside of him being broody and serious and dark, I don’t really know how he would react in an absurd situation, like if he met Kuro Sensei.

I don’t know if it’s Neil’s or Netflix’s fault, or if I need to sit through another episode full of stuff happening that I don’t care about. The conflict is epic, but everyone feels like a stranger to me.

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It’s probably Netflix making Neil stuff it out tbh. Elite has some of the worst filler I have ever seen, lol and so do a lot of Netflix shows. It seems like Good Omens on Netflix wasn’t as fluffed out. Maybe they gave Neil more creative control or something.

I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t watched both. But going on what I know about them.

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It’s not like it’s filler, it’s more like you have a season’s worth of story in the first episode. Too much stuff happens and it causes the writers to forget to flesh out the characters and the world.

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And don’t hit me with “it’s a plot driven story” excuse! So is Assasination Classroom and every single kid in class 3-E is better developed than anyone in Sandman so far.