People who have watched Our Flag Means Death, which song is more fitting?

I need to have my expectations set. It’s a live action show on a streaming service so I’m not expecting One Piece levels of crazy.

Lol, probably the first, although I think it’s far less action packed then what you’re imaging.

Edit: don’t get me wrong there’s some action, but it’s far more comedic and character centered

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Well yes, money doesn’t grow on trees-you can’t just have the crew assemble a giant duck mecha with laser eyes. It’s not meant to be a tax-write off, like Netflix live action adaptations of anime.

And as long as it isn’t as skin-meltingly cringe as the One Piece rap, even better!

For sure, for sure, but the pirate nature of it certainly made me think there’d be some swashbuckling sword fighting. Let’s just say my expectations were: subverted.

Overall, it’s pretty good and not very cringey. Just very British humor. When I’ve talked to other people, seems to be a hit/miss show.

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I’ve watched the IT Crowd. Does anyone ever meet a german cannibal and wish to befriend them?

I know that from the way people talk about the show online that it won’t be like the UK Office-uncomfortably real and darkly mundane.

Huh, ya know, when I think about it the humor is sort of constructed around the style of The Office, lmao. Most of the jokes/funny situations are motivated by their incompetent boss, and a lot of the humor is dark.

But no, it won’t be as relatable as the office or anything. Just sort of dry, dark, and often poking fun at the more realistic side of pirateering. Just constantly taking the piss, basically.

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Watches it.


Ah I see.

The most depressing thing I ever heard was that people really thought they would never get a queer show of this quality. I want you to dwell on how depressing that is. I have.


Or a queer show of any quality at all, that isn’t all tragedy.



The only thing I can look to is that at least society is slowly dragging themselves forward. It’s taking a bit, they may as well be a zombie cut in half trying to army crawl out of a pit of mud, but at least there’s some actual progress.

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I remembered thinking this with Supernatural. Didn’t watch the show all the way through, and though the constant shipping was a bit problematic, but at the end of the show when Cas (an angel of god if you haven’t watched it) admits his gay feelings then gets sucked off to hell??? that was fucked. I’ve never been more offended.


Yeah. I understand that issues within the gay community need to be addressed, but to me, it all seems a bit too heavy-handed and serious, especially in dramas. It’s like they think that, say, Billy has to die of AIDS at the end for it to have any impact. He doesn’t. Why can’t Billy overcome all odds and survive? Isn’t that an equally powerful message, with a positive spin that can realistically happen too?

… What? o.o That’s so weird. What were the show writers thinking?

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I agree. I think for a lot of writers, being gay is the new “forbidden romance” plot, when it really shouldn’t be. In fact, I hate this trope with gay fiction. It’s like people are trying to do Romeo and Juliet over and over and over again.

At least, that’s kind of my take on it. This fetishizing need to turn it into a tragedy, when I really think the community as a whole would benefit from something exceedingly more lighthearted and fun.

Serious/heavy-handed movies are ofc not always bad and they certainly have their place, but there’s an overwhelming toxic amount of it in the gay community specifically.

Yeah, I was honestly so shocked my jaw dropped and I just stared at what was occurring with complete and utter bafflement. I still can’t believe that happened.


My gods, man! The Tempest is more romantic than that! Even Macbeth to a degree.

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I’m surprised Hell still existed by the end of the show-Supernatural’s story is about as hard to follow as a Nascar pileup.

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Yeah, of course. That trope is so overused. It always has been and it’s boring.

Yeah, like humanizing gays. Gay people are humans and have as many emotions and as much dimensionality as straight people. Having everything heavy is going to make it lose its effect, and people aren’t gonna wanna watch constantly depressing things.

Yes, it’s becoming a joke and stereotypical with the whole serious thing.

That’s so weird, a very weird choice to be honest.


Haven’t watched the show but, judging by the trailer, here are some alternatives…

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As long as it is not the One Piece 4kids! rap, I have nothing to fear.