Pick a character from your story [Prompt 10: Relationship with their parents]

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Is this because he just wanted to have a little fun?

Sneaky and mysterious!
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Prompt 3: tell me why they act so childish

This character can be childish in your eyes, or in the eyes of other characters. What do they do that makes them seem so childish? Why won’t they stop acting this way? Or they could turn out to be actual children in disguise? :open_mouth:

In Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound, Deel acts childish despite looking like a twenty-something-year-old Human. He’s often loud and he doesn’t understand boundaries. He also makes very silly jokes and laughs at them himself. He has huge mood swings and will also have meltdowns in public. He’ll whine for things like a child does.

Actually, Deel isn’t an adult. Many years ago, a Kattaluna child died and during illegal resurrection, his soul split into two. One is the child that died (named Deel) and the other is the adult that lived on (named Daero). The Kattaluna body was disguised as a Human for protection to live among Humans.

Deel, being the soul of the original child that died, could take on the body whenever he wanted and be loud and annoying. The other one, the adult, Daero, is weaker and grows to resent being there for the ride and starts to develop on his own, learning magick and becoming an individual. He acts like Deel’s serious big brother.

Deel is stuck in child years for eternity, and Daero will continue to grow older because he has the adult side. There is no way the souls can separate.


When you mentioned this, I instantly thought of Isilynor.
I shall return to this after eating my lunch.

Update: I am back!

From Project Merellien, Isilynor Pipperton is the adopted heiress to the wealthy Pipperton family who has dealt with a tragic past and has her mind warped because of it. She is drawn to powerful and strong people with strong leadership. She is also spoiled and arrogant, believing she is better than everyone, unless that person is stronger than her, she becomes invested in such a person that can look unhealthy to others.

That isn’t her fault in the slightest it goes deeper when learning about her past, Jorildyn’s past, and the history of the Ravakalyn race as a whole.

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Radnor, from To Fall for an Angel.

Radnor was introduced as a member of Ivanov’s mercenary group, and the best gunship* pilot in his team. Ivanov’s team served as Spetsnaz (Airborne Assault) during Russia’s campaigns in Afghanistan and Africa. Radnor began to suffer severe PTSD while fighting in Afghanistan due to the intensity and frequency of their battles, and their constant casualty rate. Radnor’s mind and personality devolved to a child’s as a self-protection measure, attempting to dampen the trauma’s effects.

Polanski** had joined Radnor’s team in Afghanistan as a psychiatric nurse, but she could not ‘cure’ Rador. So Polanski helped to manage Radnor’s symptoms instead, and they became close friends. The child-like Radnor continued to serve as a combat pilot in Ivanov’s Spetsnaz team, and as a mercenary pilot when Ivanov defected with the remnants of his platoon to join Karen’s group in Israel. Radnor was killed in battle over Hungary, during a Search and Rescue mission.

*Radnor's company car

**Polanski later married Wolff, a German mercenary she met in Israel, and they had two children; Gur and Krista (see above).

When you lose the ability to think like a child, you stop living ~ an inscription I found on the wall of Bret Whitley’s art studio.

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Another contender, Tara from One Army, Many Tribes.

Tara is Ivanov’s step-sister. She served in the Russian Air Force, achieving the rank of Major (like Ivanov), then she joined Sukhoi as a fighter jet test pilot. Tara also trained the Russian Knights aerobatics team during her free time. Tara kept the personality of a playful teenage girl because it’s fun, and because no one had the strength to stop her. Throughout their childhood and military service Ivanov never defeated Tara in a wrestling match.

You were the only girl at school who called cracked ribs ‘playing’ ~ Ivanov.

Tara’s abundance of large dense muscles proved most useful during her pilot career. She could pull 10-G turns all day, everyday. And Sukhoi let Tara fly their Su-27 / Su-37 hybrid test aircraft whenever she wanted, because Tara was the only pilot with the strength and reflexes to fly ‘the beastie’ at its limits. When Ivanov offered Tara a job with Karen’s mercenaries, she insisted on taking the prototype fighter with her for this reason.

^Tara’s pet beastie (/ retirement souvenir).

Tara’s playful immature manner also bemused Johnson (an ex-SAS marksman) who noticed similarities between Tara’s and Radnor’s personalities. Johnson’s calm gentle manner, ability to accommodate and reflect Tara’s humour, and his willingness to defend Tara’s antics from the impatient Ivanov, elevated Johnson in Tara’s mind to potential boyfriend status. Johnson’s new rank became official two days after their first meeting.

And I thought the Israelis were fast ~ Polanski.

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Prompt 4: Tell me why they keep so few friends (or can’t keep any friends).
Maybe trust issues? Maybe they just don’t like people? Introvert? Or maybe they aren’t even human or humanoid and are a wild animal who wants to be alone? :stuck_out_tongue:

In Alive At Crepusculum, Richard doesn’t keep many friends. Being a psychopath, it’s difficult for him to understand what friendship means for non-psychopaths. He does have a few people he gets along with, but even if they would say “Richard, we have each other’s backs and that makes us friends”, he wouldn’t understand how “have each other’s backs” is linked to “friends”.

It might sound selfish to the rest of us, but he sees friends as “particularly enjoyable to be around compared to others because they are useful and they don’t get in the way of my goals and sometimes are willing to help me achieve them”. This isn’t him consciously being mean or standoffish or manipulative (although he can do these things consciously). He just sees friendships in a different way.

Because of the differences with how he sees friends and how others see friends, not many people stay in Richard’s life unless they are willing to feel not so good all the time when being around him. So, he’s only able to keep a few.

I did a lot of research on how a psychopath really thinks and how being a psychopath doesn’t automatically make the person evil. Richard is not trying to be mean to his friends. However, this doesn’t justify his murderous actions which are completely separate from him being a psychopath. And he can most definitely copy how others are “being a good friend” to blend in and keep his friends (which he sees as useful but not in a consciously manipulative way although he can also be manipulative).

Tricky stuff to write.


Chinatsu isn’t really into makeup or fashion and is pretty tomboyish so she doesn’t get a lot of friends.

Before you tell me that this is a stupid reason, let me show you a Jubilee video that proves it.

There’s a very homely woman there that gets excluded so hard.


I don’t think this is a stupid reason :stuck_out_tongue: Some people can be so shallow and quick to judge based on appearances.


Her profession and lifestyle doesn’t allow for many friends. Karen’s family were once involved with the mafia, and now she manages a small mercenary army. Life experiences taught Karen there are a few outside of her group she can trust. Also she is exhausted from getting close to people only to lose them. Some of Karen’s group think she invited Dov and Freyja to stay with them to prove there are still strangers she can trust (to both reciprocate her loyalty and kindness and to not die too soon), and maybe because Karen’s age failed to change the habits of her romantic idealistic youth.

Karen’s mercenaries:
Special Forces and covert operations folk have always been a solitary / exclusive bunch. More so for combat veterans (both SF and regular services). Often civilian life relationships are never as close as those from military (combat) service. So Karen’s mercenaries didn’t start with a vast pool of potential friends to choose from, and that pool continues to shrink.

The problem with us Few is we keep getting Fewer ~ The Longest Day (paraphrased).

Forgive me, for surviving, while you all lie cold and still ~ Helsreach audio book.

I intend to have Karen’s mercenaries train and test Dov to their standards (they pretend joining the Australian Commandos isn’t impressive) to prove in their minds (and Freyja’s) Dov is worthy of a place in Karen’s household. Just because Dov is forbidden from joining the mercenaries doesn’t mean he can be a slouch, or that sub-par protection for Freyja is acceptable.

Despite Dov’s substantial size and strength he has always been the shy, gentle withdrawn type. Dov preferred to play AFL at high school because the game had a larger field, the teams were more spread out, and because he didn’t need to worry about broken windshields in the parking lot (Dov had a powerful kick). And growing up on a farm about two-hours drive west of Toowoomba taught Dov to survive without many friends, and to ignore being bulled for this. If a charging feral boar or wild cattle didn’t intimidate Dov, what hope would a schoolyard jock have?*

*When watching over a bar, ignore the clusters of loud-mouth idiots and keep an eye on the big solitary types. If a fight starts, those quite guys will do the most damage ~ paraphrased bouncer advice.

*Beware of large silent dogs. When you have the jaw strength to crush a man’s skull, you don’t need to advertise. News travels fast enough ~ Terry Pratchett (also paraphrased).

Dov joined the Australian Army a week after graduating high school, because academia and the corporate (brown-nosing) lifestyle repulsed him, and immediately applied for the Commandos (sniper), as the concept of working in small independent teams appealed to him. However, Dov turned down the offer to attempt SAS Selection because, lacking an ego, Dov was well aware of his limits. Dov’s ensuing combat experience resulted in his desire for friendship, and suitable options for friends, being further reduced (see above).

Unfortunately for the solitary Dov, he has an instinctive paternal nature which resulted in unplanned or unusual friendships. Prominent example being Aviva, a waif-like teenage kibbutz girl who viewed Dov’s shy stand-off nature as a heresy to be purged illness to be cured and she refused to leave his side. She also owed Dov a slight favour as the gentle giant had saved her from a pack of stray dogs…The lead mutt learnt the hard way about Dov’s ALF legacy…


Which one is the homely one? Are there more people that come later?

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The one who gets excluded from the rest of the women.

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The color of their shirt, give me a color?

Sorry for not mentioning that.

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Girl in the white turtleneck. I know, she looks like the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself, but she is considered the least attractive of the group.

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From Project Succession, Aeris lacked friends because she is a Tirron, they give off a deathly smell and along with the fact that they are from the Merellien species. She never had friends or anyone to understand her, because of it.

From Project Merellien, Jorildyn went her life without friends due to what she was in her past life, she has “friends” now, but because of the fact that she is a Ravakalyn, she keeps them at arms length. Isilynor can’t make friends, but rather “subjects” because she suffers from the worst of being Ravakalyn.


I kinda figured, but honestly, she is attractive enough.
I mean does she need to be sexy looking, in all honesty?


She has something greater, a job and a mortgage.