Pick a character from your story [Prompt 10: Relationship with their parents]

That’s Webb for my series. In the first book, he’s the snide jokester who had willingly forgotten everything about his past life. His scavenger mask that he wears even has a smiling face stitched into it to reflect his personality

In the second book, both he and the reader learn that in life, he was an orphan who grew up in a group home and struggled with drugs and the law before dying young in a freak accident just as he was trying to turn his life around. He becomes less of a jokester as the story goes on and more bad things happen. :confused:

Yeah, there’s a reason his “smiling face” was just a mask all along. :performing_arts:

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I’d say it’s a good mix of both tbh :sweat_smile:

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The Usual Suspect: Krista Gallant.
(PS. Need you ask…?)

There’s a reason why Gur, Krista’s older brother, did most of his training for the Paratroopers in the Golan Heights, on the opposite end of Israel…Hiding from a certain crystal-eyed fireball ~ Gur…

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The moment I heard he has a mask on, it sounded to me like he’s hiding his true self with jokes.

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Ha :grin:

Is there a reason why Krista is the silly one? Has she always been this way?

Krista’s as intelligent as she is cheeky. Though she’s more of a tragic comedian. Uses her humor as a shield against sadness, and as a weapon against possible future harm.

A very rough character bio.

Character Name: Krista Gallant

Nationality: Israeli

Languages: Hebrew, Russian, German, English

Relationship status: Single

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Eye color: Light blue

Hair: Long, blonde

Skin: Fair with a light tan

Complexion: Youthful, energetic, model-like appearance

Height: 155cm

Body Type: Lithe, petite, toned

Personality: Confronting, intelligent, humours, abrasive, flirtatious, yet also wise, protective and affectionate towards her family and close friends, speaks with a brash confident manner

Occupation: School student; Freyja’s closest friend, roommate, and companion; the bane of Dov’s sanity, yet also his supporter and comic relief

Other Notes: Krista grew up in a fortress-villa situated outside Be’er Sheva, in Israel. Krista was raised among a group of mercenaries, who’s members included Krista’s parents. As Krista’s parents were often overseas, fighting in distant wars, she was nurtured and raised by Gur, her older brother by six years. Krista and Gur were known for being very close, even by Israel’s standards. Krista even taught herself to play the violin, at symphony orchestra standards, so she could help Gur relax from his future stressful days.

When Gur enlisted in the IDF, at the age of 18, Krista asked Gur to join the Paratroopers, so Krista could have a spare red beret for her outfits. Krista’s favourite colour is dark red. Gur agreed and he joined the IDF’s Paratroopers with little effort, due to his high stamina and strength. After Gur’s graduation, the 2014 Gaza war began. Gur was killed in an ambush while searching for the cross-border tunnels. Krista was devastated by Gur’s loss, and she treated his death as an act of betrayal by the adult world.

Krista also named her giant ornate teddy bear Gur, in honour of her lost brother. The teddy bear was the last gift she received from him. The teddy bear became Krista’s favourite therapy / anti-stress toy. Krista is often seen hugging or holding her bear during moments of high emotion or distress, even though she will never admit to having personal issues to either her parents or the other mercenaries. Any instance of Krista revealing or talking about her insecurities or trauma is a rare event, and evidence of Krista’s extraordinary trust and closeness in her honoured companion.

Krista never had many friends (except for Karen’s mercenaries) during her childhood, and she had no interest in dating or relationships at school, or any of the associated drama. Krista considered her fellow school students (junior and senior years) to be beneath her. Only the students who could compare with Karen’s mercenaries were viewed by Krista as equals, so she was alone at school (except for her Gur). The academic tasks and assignments often proved Krista knew more about the studied subjects than some of her teachers.

Now, Krista presents herself to the outside world as an abrasive confronting brat who enjoys using her sexualised humour, sharp wit, and model-like aesthetics to tease and harass any strangers she meets (teenagers and adults alike). As Krista likes to say in defence of her antics; boys are dull, men are more fun to torment. However, Krista’s family and friends know this is a false persona.

The real Krista remains a gentle, wise, and nurturing girl, loyal to her family and devoted to her family’s adoptive nation (Israel). Among other things, Krista is highly appreciative of the Israeli military, and scornful towards any who act or speak against them. One of Krista’s favoured activities, while travelling around Israel, is to take kit-bags full of home-made meals and feed any IDF reservists she encounters.

However, the real Krista is hiding from what she views as a cruel and unforgiving world, while using the false persona to protect herself from future harm (warding off potential threats). Other Israelis view Krista as an honorary Sabra;* hard prickly exterior, soft sweet centre.

*Name of a desert pear native to Israel, a liqueur made from the pear, and slang for a Jewish-Israeli.

Although Krista is not Jewish, she has always been a great fan and practitioner of the Jewish-Israeli culture. Krista is particularly fond of the Israeli’s preference for bending social or legal rules and etiquette to extremes (or just ignoring the inconvenient ones), being overtly passionate about things and people she is fond of, repaying kindness and betrayal with interest, and acting with a natural certainty that no one has the will or courage to stop her (regardless of Krista’s slim stature).

Krista was volunteered by her parents to help Dov mentor Freyja and, while doing so, to develop a new friendship with Dov and Freyja. Her parents hope Krista will eventually abandon her desire for vengeance and her desire to join the IDF (as a path to vengeance), to heal from Gur’s loss, and seek to create a new life, filled with affection and adventure, with her devoted and protective companions…and her beloved bear…Krista’s parents emphasised their intentions by assigning Freyja as Krista’s new roommate, and by giving Dov the bedroom that belonged to Gur (with Krista’s permission).

When Krista learnt of Dov’s traumatic past (the loss of Aviva), and its similarity to Krista’s trauma (the loss of Gur) during their first meeting, Krista became more compassionate and considerate towards Dov than she otherwise does towards other strangers. Krista still suggestively (and brazenly) teases or mocks Dov at every opportunity, but these are symptoms of her Israeli upbringing and of her outward personality. Krista’s actions, and her decisions for serious matters, convey a desire for a close friendship and for someone not associated with the mercenaries (or the treasonous adults) who she can love and trust, perhaps better than family. Luckly for Krista, Dov is Hebrew for bear, so at least Krista now has two protective teddies.

Krista also displays a habit of continually plotting or coercing Dov and Freyja to develop a closer relationship…One always closer than their current relationship…Krista is terrified of Dov growing distant from Freyja, or of him abandoning her, and Freyja being exposed to the same isolation and remorse Krista experienced when Gur died. As a result, Krista develops a mother-hen like attitude towards her new companions (and their relationship), and adopts a more proactive resourceful nature. Much to her parents’ approval.

Finally, Krista is not naïve about the adult world, or any aspect of the world’s workings. For example, when Dr Lander introduced Freyja to Krista, Polanski and Dov, Lander claimed Freyja’s abundant breasts were a side effect of Lander’s highly experimental clone project, and of Freyja’s rapid growth as a prototype clone (fourteen years development compressed into four years). However, Krista immediately suspected Lander did not make any mistakes with Freyja’s creation, and this was a cynical (chutzpah laden) ploy to further persuade Dov to become Freyja’s companion.


Oh yeah Kali is also a bit of a jokester.

She’s from the countryside of her country with a goofy yet sweet demeanor, but has a dark sinister past and terrifying other side.

Her wife Solange (once known as Gisella) loves her for it.

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Prompt 9: Tell me why they’re so quiet, and keep to themselves.

Why is this character so quiet? Why don’t they talk much? What’s their reasoning for being silent most of the time?

Alive At Crepusculum
Michael is 15 now, but he’s seen some horrible things at 14 which got him involved in a gang. He’s often quiet in the gang mainly because he’s scared to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. He doesn’t want to get hurt or get the ones he loves hurt.

He’s also quiet at home because he’s afraid of what his parents will think. He’s only told them about his friend, Will, being a good friend. What they don’t know is that Will Cooper is the leader of a notorious gang. Michael lied, so his parents wouldn’t worry or get angry with him.

Being 15, he’s also in this in-between stage of his life. Not exactly a kid but not exactly an adult either. He doesn’t know what he wants to do in life and he’s quite lost. He’s also been skipping lessons and school and everything and feels guilty about it. He doesn’t know how to fix his situation because he’s in so deep now.

So, instead of seeking help (which he thinks he can’t get), Michael’s opted to keeping most things to himself and not saying much. Inside, he’s scared, hurting, and lonely.


Kayla. Absolutely Kayla. She’s a naturally quiet person and genuinely doesn’t feel the need to talk a lot. She will speak when she feels it necessary but is more of the thinking type than the speaking type. She doesn’t really have a reason for why she doesn’t speak much or prefers silence but it probably has something to do with having five or six sisters, I’ve forgotten the number cough. She’s just quiet


Renna before she became Jorildyn.

Renna’s character is supposed to observe in silence and only speak if she needs to. She is an infamous and frightening character who is supposed to play the silent-yet-deadly type.

She is a Ravakalyn and they are to be a ghostly race. The type of race that blends in so well with society that when they reveal their true selves, they are called the “Red Ghosts”.


Would you say she’s a good listener and observer?

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Does she choose to be silent, or is it just the nature of her race?

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Yes and no, but it is the race’s nature.

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Absolutely. She spends most of her time listening and observing when interacting with others tbh


Prompt 10: Tell me, what’s their relationship like with their parents? Do they get along with their parents? If they’re not living together anymore for whatever reason, do they miss their parents?

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound
Pinti does get along with her parents. Mostly she’s been a daddy’s girl type growing up. She respects her father but doesn’t always agree with him or like the decisions he makes. Pinti really worries about her mother’s insomnia and wants to help her in any way she can.


From Project Succession:

Aeris never knew her parents for reasons. Growing up she took care of herself without the need for parents, by entering the KUA.

By then she was old enough to.

casually comes back in from 3 month hiatus

Prompt 1 Answer

Illyria, from the Age of Light arc of one of my series and technically the Age of Darkness arc too, but she only actively appears once or twice and is then mentioned by the other characters the rest of the time (I really hope that wasn’t confusing) is great because she would do anything for her friends. She came to this kingdom from the kingdom she was born in, and she originally didn’t want to make friends because she was too busy moving in and trying to get used to this new place. She eventually allowed a few of the kingdom’s residents help her figure things out about the kingdom, and during that, they bonded. Ever since then, she remained loyal to her friends, including every new one she made over the course of the arc. At the end of the last book in the arc, the former queen retires, and she becomes queen. Her friends are proud of her, and she promises to do good, both for her friends, and for the rest of the kingdom.

Prompt 2 Answer

Aiden, from Dragon Fire (name of that story is actually also the name of an item that comes into play later on) is cunning. This can be useful if he needs to help the party get away from an enemy or something, but it can cause trouble when he sees something he wants that’s not his. Another thing that causes trouble is he can be cocky at times. Combine cunning with cocky and there’s definately going to be some trouble. Like one time when he stole treasure from a dragon, got caught, and then thought he could fight the dragon.

Prompt 3 Answer

Not that childish in my eyes, but in the eyes of some of the other characters: Walter from my slice of life story. He’s a teenager, but he still has a security blanket. He doesn’t take it everywhere, only to certain places, or when he’s sleeping he uses it, but the other characters still see him as childish for it. The only ones who understand him are his family and friends.

Prompt 4 Answer

That last one, actually: Akiak from my Seekers fanfic. Akiak is a grizzly bear who lived with his mother and younger brother until he ended up lost. Not having his mother’s protection anymore, he had to defend himself from other grizzly bears as well as other animals. He did make a few friends at the Longest Day gathering, but aside from that he doesn’t really get along with other bears. He prefers being alone.

Prompt 5 Answer

Wendy from my slice of life story can’t dance.

Prompt 6 Answer

Adder is a character from one of my stories about dogs. She’s the leader of a pack of Dobermans who doesn’t treat the pack very good. She has very strict rules, and very strict punishments if one of the other dogs breaks one of these rules. She doesn’t see herself as bad, she sees herself as “helping” the other dogs because she’s in this mindset of “we are Dobermans, we need to be tough” and thinks her punishments help shape the other dogs, despite most of the pack not agreeing with her. One of the Dobermans ends up escaping and ends up in a pack that accepts him despite him not being tough. Over the course of the story Adder and the few Dobermans who agree with her try to find him, while the rest of the pack tries to figure out what to do.

Prompt 7 Answer

Aiden again, despite how he can accidentally cause trouble, he’s still very good support for the MC (Robin). He was the first person to join the party, so he’s been with Robin for a good chunk of the story. He’s become like a brother to him, and would do anything to protect him.

Prompt 8 Answer

Isaac, also from Dragon Fire. He was originally a jester, so he’s already been making jokes for a while, and that sticks with him when he joins the party. He does know when something is serious enough to not warrant a joke, or when he’s scared or sad enough he won’t crack any jokes, but for the most part he’s trying to get the others to laugh throughout the course of their journey.

Prompt 9 Answer

Daisy, from another one of my dog stories, keeps to herself because she’s introverted. When meeting new dogs she prefers to let her friends do the talking. She does talk more when she becomes friends with someone (and she can definately be herself around her main friends), but for the most part she keeps to herself. She talks a lot around baby animals though, she loves baby animals. One of her main friends is actually a kitten.

Prompt 10 Answer

Melody and Blaze, the twins from Dragon Fire, have a good relationship with their parents. They’re really close, and they do miss their parents during their journey. Every time the party stops by their home, it’s very clear to the rest of them that the twins are happy to see their parents again.


Freyja: N/A. She’s a clone.

Dov: Fell out of contact with his family after he left the Army. But they’re still on good terms. Dov’s parents gave their family’s farm to Dov’s ‘little’ twin sisters, and Dov’s middle brother moved overseas for business. Their parents are now living in a retirement apartment in Cairns, Queensland.

Krista: Still has a very close relationship with her parents, but she treats them as friends and equals not elders. And Krista insists on being treated as a fellow adult too. Krista gave her father, Wolff, the nickname Wolfie and this became Wolff’s official call-sign among the mercenaries.

Uhhhh biological or adoptive parents?

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