Picture Prompts. Can you base an entire novel on a few really good pictures?

I have exactly 589 pictures on my Pinterest Board that are fantasy and science-fiction related.
I have yet to use any of these pictures, but I keep adding more. What I mean is that I have yet to incorporate the pictures into my novel. I don’t even know how I am going to choose between which picture is more appealing. Because all of the pictures are appealing. sighs Such as life…

I do want to take a few pictures and create ANOTHER novel anthology that is fifteen or nineteen chapters long but is broken into parts. Anyway, I know I mentioned that another anthology poll before. But I got too many pictures and I need to know what to do with them.

What are your thoughts?

Bonus Question:

  1. Depending on what the pictures are, can you make an entire short story or novel out of it?


Sure. Find the dumbest picture you can and I I can make a whole story up for it, just fine. Most the time I only give a sentence or two but basic plots aren’t that hard.

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Don’t know about the dumbest, but an awesome one is always cool. LOL!

I’d feel uneasy doing that, just because I don’t want to be accused of stealing the artist’s concept. I mean, taking inspiration from pictures is one thing, but basing an entire story premise off of them seems a bit like plagiarism.

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How do feel about writing prompts then?

There’s nothing wrong with using writing prompts, because they are made specifically for people to use for writing ideas. The creators make them with the expectation and intent for other people to use them. Artists don’t usually create art specifically for other people to write stories off of, though I suppose some might. Still, they would label their work just for that if that were the case, so it would give writers permission.

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That’s understandable.

Makes question things a lot.

Unfortunately, it’s part of being and artist or a writer. You have to be conscious of plagiarism and art theft and what content creator’s policies are on you using their stuff. You could find the original artists and ask their permission to use their work in your own stuff. And honestly, you are probably ok with writing a story based on an art piece more than you are basing writing off of another writers ideas, because artists usually are okay with you using a concept so long as you don’t use the art itself without permission. But it’s still better to be safe, because I’ve heard so many horror stories of writers and artists alike getting sued for copyright stuff when they use other people’s work in their own stuff.

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Makes sense.

Also, what if just ordinary stock pictures?

To answer your question:- You can, and I have!

The Endurlon was prompted by a single picture, then it grew in my mind until I had to start writing it.

A simple picture of a forest, with a broken building within, taken by the trees and vines… It became the setting for the Old Fortress of Astiol. And it was at the edge of that forest where my story began…


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Some stock pictures are protected and you can only use them in certain ways, while others are free to use in any way. You just have to find the source and look up their policies on it. Usually it’s not too hard to find though.

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Even those pictures of random flowers and trees and people just being people? Yeah, I can look at a picture(s) that I wanna base my novel on without making it the exact thing. I can always make up my own thing. I was going to use the pictures for inspirational purposes.


Sometimes, yeah. You have to consider that a photographer or artist put work into producing those images and they may want compensation if they are used by other people. A lot of stock photos and images are free to use, you just have to be careful and pay attention to which ones.

Again, if you are just using the art for inspiration, it’s probably not a big deal at all. It’s only if you want to use the image itself in your story, like as cover art or something, that it can become an issue.

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Oh no! I wouldn’t do that! I can see what you mean!
I only want to use it as inspiration. Sorry for not being so clear.

Yeah, we can draw inspiration from all over the place, that’s not a big deal, lol. I thought you meant like using the artwork in your writing, like putting the pictures in your wattpad story or something.

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No, I was going to look at the picture and write the story from there.

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You should be fine on that front then.

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Thanks for commenting and thanks overall. :blush:

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Simply deacribing them? No, but if you can connect them into an interesting story, you’ll be set!

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