POETS WHERE ARE YOU?! Bring Poetry to the light!

I’m starting this to find more poets! I would really like Poetry to be acknowledged more in the writing community so join me and here and lets make this topic flourish!

Poets deserve a higher spot on totem pole


Poet here!! I have four poetry collections on Wattpad, have been writing poetry since I was young. I love it.


@KotaCWolf :eyes:


oh hey! I went through a huge poetry phase. I still think I’m pretty good at it, making stuff flow and sound vaguely deep.

It’s kind of a different art form than writing stories, like songwriting, but it can also be combined with writing regular stories, since some are written in verse.

it’s super fun to go over my old poems, and they’re easy for me to memorize too.


It is true, though, that there seems to be less of an audience for poetry?
Of course, I didn’t advertise my poetry book as much as the other stuff because the poetry book was older, nor did I think of good titles for the poems, but still. It’s more like drawing, it doesn’t take long to read each poem, and it might not leave a lasting impression? Well, you can memorize poetry, I guess, but I can’t imagine anyone would want to for a random person’s.

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of stories are popular besides spicy romance, because that’s one genre I’m incapable of writing.

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Poet here who needs help!

Please tell me I’m not the only one trying to write a thriller story using only poetry.


In a way poetry is like the closest thing to dreams. Scattered half thoughts, rythm, the most dramatic. For me, anyway. I have a habit of writing poetry when I’m half asleep, as well.

oh that sounds awesome :joy:

and, yes, unique :joy:


I read my poems so many times that they become bland to me, and then, when someone tells me they’re amazing or what makes deep emotions feel, I’m like:



I just throw words on a page, add punctuation and call it a day.


I read my poems over and over and have some of them memorized- I still love them, I just… I also see every flaw in each of them. And I have no idea where the audience is that actually wants to see my random poetry and how to reach it.

I just write a poem off the top of my head, touch it up, and publish it.


Then I reread the first chapter of my thriller and my heart was racing through the whole thing.

I finally understood what people meant :joy:


ahh :joy:
it’s amazing when you come back to work after a long time and recognize its value. I’m like that with my stories, I become totally blind to them while I’m writing and it’s not until a few weeks after I finish that I can see it for what it is.

I can never lose the associations I have with my poems, though.

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Yup. The whole thing had no punctuation.

I really don’t have any assossiations with my work because I either write about what happened to me or slap letters into strings of semi-coherent lines.

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no punctuation! :joy:

I tend to have memories attached to my poems, like when I was writing it or what it was about, even though they’re all super vague- or they were just fun little things I came up with, and with those I remember how I first felt about them.

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The formatting was all over the place - left, right, center, left, right… your eyes don’t know where to focus.

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wow :joy:

I usually write with punctuation but no paragraph spacing, then put in paragraphs when I throw it on wattpad.

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I feel like if the stanzas of formatting is off, it ruins the writing.

I also feel that there is no such thing as editing a poem (majorly).

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ahh :joy:

I feel like the process must be different with every person.
I know I’ve seen people’s poetry that reminds me, however faintly, of my own, but I don’t actually remember the names of any poets besides shel silverstein right now :joy:
and my poems aren’t humerous like that.

The most editing of a poem I do after writing it is changing a line or two to flow better, or a word to have a better meaning, if I think of something better.

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the editing is really simple

I DON’t write humour… but I tried once and couldn’t shut my mouth.

Something I just wrote

“Leave your soul where you found it.”

continue to sliver themselves;

Die in the moonlight’s abyss.


I’m… confused :joy:


You should know why by now

I confuse ANYONE I meet, I swear.