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We should also have term limits for congress, but that’s not gonna happen either. (ノ_<、)ヾ(´▽`)


I’ve been getting more into a writer, and I’m torn between getting some individual short story collections by him or getting an omnibus of all his stories. Which do you think is the best idea?

  • Get individual collections
  • Get the omnibus
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Choose wisely, please and thank you!

Question: A person can’t expect someone to love them back, if they aren’t even capable of loving themselves in the way the other person loves them, correct?

  • True.
  • False.
  • Tralse (true and false)???
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Explain your choice in the comments.


In my experience, other people honestly have no idea what’s going on in your head, and moreover, they have no interest in what’s going on in your head. For instance, if you’re fantastically beautiful but still hate yourself, they won’t notice that you hate yourself, and will expect you to feel the same way about yourself that they do. People are amazingly oblivious.

I’d say the only exception would be if you hate yourself and are unusually self-destructive or aggressive to others as a result. In which case, they’ll still have no idea that you hate yourself, but they’ll avoid you because you’re destructive or aggressive. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


So, some people aren’t able to tune into how a person is dealing with low self-esteem until they are able to see it up close or something?


Some people? I’d say damn near most people are oblivious to how others are feeling, up close or not. Everyone has their own issues, and are too busy worrying about themselves to notice what’s wrong with you. Just my observation, for what that’s worth. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


That’s a thing I do. I rather say some than make it seem as if it is a WHOLE entire thing.

Because you know…everyone is different…


Can you imagine living in a country or where having SEX is banned by the government?

If you want to have sex, it must be and only be for bringing life into the world? Otherwise, you have to adopt or just not have it. Anyone caught having casual sex is sent to prison or depending on their country, execution?

With extremes like this, how do you think the world will react to something like that if it happened now?

  • Dear god! That sounds horrible! Everyone will be in a panic if that was to happen! Goodness!
  • I don’t care because I am not into sex and things of that nature. I’m just going to watch the world burn with a drink in my cup.
  • I don’t think such an extreme should be even allowed, if it could. Somehow, someway people are going to figure out a way to get around that.
  • Yes, I love to live in a world like that! The less sex the better!
  • Honestly, that wouldn’t even put a damper on most of the problems. That manages to get rid of one.
  • Nah, let people do what they want. It isn’t fair to deprived them of sex just because of whatever reason.
  • Other (explain in the comments)
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Choose wisely.

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As a sex negative asexual person, I would be too busy laughing at everyone panicking over not being able to have sex anymore to care :joy:

But eventually I’d get sick of the complaining and the inevitable protests that I’d also agree it should be re-legalised if only to shut my mates up.

Besides, banning sex won’t stop it from happening so it’s not like anything would be accomplished other than pissing off a lot of people.


I think that would create far more problems than it would solve, so I don’t see it ever happening. If it did, it wouldn’t last long before it caused so many problems that it was reversed. Besides, there’s no real way to enforce such a ridiculous law effectively.


Sounds like Demolition Man or Fortress.


@alenatenjo and @Xelyn_Craft

A horrible extreme is to castrate the men and women who go against the law.

Yes, there will be a shit ton of people pissed off and going through great lengths to get laid. By then the world has truly entered the chaotic stage.

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my toxic trait is being judgemental about every single allo person ever behaving like they will literally burst into flames if they don’t have sex.


They can have sex, if they’re wanting to bring a child into the world. If that isn’t what they want, they’ll have to get used to a sexless relationship or go to prison.

Extreme, right?


Omg same. I had friends who wouldn’t shut up about how much they needed sex and didn’t understand how I could live without it. Allos are so weird sometimes


Ohhhh I’m sure they’d find ways around it


The whole world would just end up like Ceaușescu’s Romania. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


i argued an allo friend to tears about it once. which i’m not proud of but its wild to me that that’s something they get so worked up over.

then that friend had a pregnancy scare and i did not say ‘i told you so’ (but i thought it, a little)


They’ll be placed in prison or executed depending on the country they come from…

At least they’ll die “happy”, I suppose.

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It’s a weird thing.

Nowadays it feels like some people are only going into romantic relationships with sex on their minds.

I want a guy or girl who is not only attractive in appearance, but even more attractive in the sheets.

Personality and meeting someone with the right vibe comes third or fourth for some people.

It’s like a game to see who can out fuck the other before dying of old age.

Does what I am saying make sense?