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Hey guys. I’ve been thinking of posting a “work” about Gen Z and certain social issues, such as gender equality, toxic masculinity and femininity, etc.

I would really like your help.

Here are two title options:

  • We Are The Rebellion: Gen Z
  • The Game Changers: Gen Z
  • Other (Please leave suggestion)

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Also what topics do you think I should include.

I want to talk about the above mentioned topics as well as negative connotations attached to being a Gen Z.


Aren’t there honestly a million TV shows trying to do this right now?

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I’m sure many of us have been taught to respect our elders. Which I do for the most part. But for me, it was always a little confusing. Your taught (indoctrinated) to respect those that are older than you, but you’re also told respect is earned not given.

So if it isn’t given, then why is it expected. That to me comes off a little hypocritical, because Gen Z (and Millenials) are often called entitled. But past generations (not all), often feel they are owed the respect of young people.

For lack of a better term it becomes an “oppression Olympics.” You hear “Back in my day…” and it often leads to how much they had to endure. There is no denying the past generations have faced great adversity, but sometimes it feels as though the struggles faced by young people today are diminished in comparison. There should be no comparison. Each generation has struggled.

Probably. Moxie comes to mind at first thought. The premise was amazing, but most hated or really disliked it because the lead character was not a minority. It had a chance to touch on white privilege, but it was mentioned once for two seconds.

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Ramble of the old:

Aa a Millennial who borders on Gen X, Gen Z is a bunch of conformists in a world gone mad, not anything novel. So, from my view this is pandering to what the generation wants to believe about itself…and it’s not a critical look at the group as a whole.

Not that you have to do that. It’s fine to conform. That is what a sense of belonging is for. But real rebellion isn’t going against the generations before you because every generation forges it’s own destiny, and it’s not their parent’s. I was born after Vietnam ended. Believe me, there were boys who lost their mind as they were graduating highschool without the grades to go to college because they knew they were going to die in a useless war they didn’t want. That’s something far more concrete than us Melllenials went through. There hasn’t been any sort of conscription since then, so we’re now 2 generations removed from being a slave of war: even as the wars escalate. And it explains a great deal about the younger boomers and the older Gen Xs. They now get to see people fight about feelings when they were going to die, no matter what they felt. No wonder the generations are clashing. Feelings now matter when theirs never did. Getting to rebel over people not understanding the weight of feelings is the privilege of a generation that has been forged in a different environment. But it’s not true rebellion because the whole generation is doing it, overall.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Gen Z isn’t unique. You are. You don’t know a world without smart phones, constant surveillance, massive info dumps, and probably can’t conceive of a world that doesn’t watch cat videos all day. I was in my late teens the first time I saw an all-cat video, especially one that didn’t come with a pre-recorded laugh track (90s). I participated in the translation of the Ceiling Cat bible, for fun. A very strange time, in the early 00s, for that translation.

Another strange thing is a lot of the stuff called for “conservation of our planet” is the tech level of those my age and much older. People who switch to reusable bags for groceries, or take the option of paper bags seem to forget that the generation before mine only really had paper and their own bags in the first place. Plastic was foisted on everyone to “save the trees”. Things like Uber Eats? My father caught the milk man and the bread man driving to his house, he didn’t go to the store for that. A great deal of food was delivered up until big chains killed that. We just keep going back and revamping old trends all the time, thinking it’s somehow novel.

So, I’d rather see a title like Gen Z’s Bondage. Not to be an adult book, but a series that explores what Gen Z can’t wrap their minds around. It might help raise understanding.

Especially mine when I’m sitting there going “but how is this rebellion?!”


I hope you like history, kid! Because if you want to say anything of value, you need to know how we got to this point.


Yeah, see this is the problem with talking to “older people” when you want to do something “of your generation”. Trying like hell to not poo-poo an idea that probably would sell like hotcakes to the target audience is the chronic issue for older gens.

Each year I experience “been there, done that” is one more year removed from “this is awesome!” Lmao


I appreciate you response. As a whole, I wanted to discuss social issues, possibly from my view as a Gen Z (not speaking for all; impossible), but of the reaction of the younger generations to certain social issues. Resurgence or continuance from past generations. A passing of the torch, if you will.

I know you did not call me one, but I would never consider myself a conformist. There have been a few times where people have tried to touch on such topics as Gen Z or Millenial feminists. But in one way or another, they’ve missed the mark.

To join a conversation in topics such as this is not conforming. I like to challenge societal norms, such as gender roles, equality in the legal system (E.g. Abuse victims - Male & Female). Though I have not officially been diagnosed, this could also be due to the fact that my doctor believes I have “high functioning” autistic. An unconscious want or need to question some of the ways society expects us to act.

In Moxie, the premise was there for an amazing film. Unfortunately, many were disappointed by the fact that the story was again told from the perspective of a white, straight female and the POC characters were used as side characters, even though they were the ones facing the most backlash and oppression (outside of Katelynn). This as well as only a brier mention of white privilege. Any of the POC characters would have made for much more effective narrators, in particular Lucy or Claudia.

In Ginny and Georgia, people were fed up with Ginny very quickly, especially after the "Oppression Olympics " conversation with Hunter. I liked the show for the most part, but there were certain things that were missed opportunities. As a multiracial individual, i was upset at how some of Samantha’s comments were never addressed. Especially the one where she was fetishizing biracial/multiracial people by saying she would get with a black guy just so she could have mixed race babies. This is a source of contention in the multiracial community, coupled with a lack of sense of belonging.

I want a conversation on these topics. I know this is touchy and may be one of those “Hill to die on” subjects, but I just want to get a sense of modern viewpoints, which it hopefully wouldn’t be too hard to attract Gen Z as they comprise a vast majority of Wattpad users.

Nobody wants to see themselves that way. It’s really the view of an older person looking at a younger person, mostly. It’s a source for a ton of disconnect in the generational gaps…

It’s just hard to be the leader in the ideological changes that are consistent to a group which shares common backgrounds, like those smartphones. The younger generations DO pioneer, as they take to new thing easier than the older. So, if you intend to do that, some, I wish you well. Never want to discourage people from trying.

As soon as it’s a commercial entity, I expect it to fail because commercial is controlled by producers and agents all from my age and older. Me mimicking you should be off, right? But the entertainment industry’s job is to do just that. I’ve never bothered looking at things that come out like this because it’s usually a weakened echo of what should be, which will irritate people, just as much as the things that they get right makes you want to love it, in spite of it’s failures. This is my understanding before I even step into what Moxie is.

But again, it’s because I am older, that I notice this. And I’m not alone–just that my age range tends to be quite mean and demeaning when they “smell blood on the water”. A weak product gives people a place to be monsters from.

But I will say that my dislike of that specific title is why it would work well for you. Rebellion is a word that appeals, quite often.

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I hear what you’re saying. Honestly, this started after I was reading some articles and watching things like documentaries and TED talks. In particular, there was one of a man who said Gen Z is “owed” an apology. While I don’t like the idea of someone feeling they “owe” it to someone or a specific group of people (in certain situations), I did appreciate how it touched on how my generation is perceived. He han acronym:
I. Impatient
D. Distracted
E. Entitled
A. Apathetic

I feel these are common assumptions made about Gen Z. However, like every generation, there is a spectrum. GEN z’s born towards the beginning of the generation are different to those born in the mid to late 2000’s and after for instance. While we grew up with much of the same advancements in technology, the later end of Gen Z appear to be more inclined to social media. That doesn’t mean others aren’t. Just from observation, those not much younger than myself (namely teens) can at times be a bit more dependent on social media than new adults. Which doesn’t negate influences who are new adults, but there is a comingling of Gen Z and millinenial “influences”.

With the advancements in technology and rights, it is a bit easier to say we are apathetic and entitled. But many of us do care about social issues.

Like, isn’t it an essential argument between any two given generations of parents and children? Children feel ungrateful, parents feel stifling, and yada-yada-yada. In the end, children become parents. Rinse-repeat.


It’s still very layered with Melllenials, too. Those born in the 90s get confused for older Z’s, and those in the 80s (like me), can easily be clumped with X.

And it’s only going to get faster. The tech changes greatly within 5 years. I was told I wouldn’t carry a calculator with me everywhere. My phone has more computing power than my first laptop.

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I’m an early Gen Z (late 90’s), and I didn’t have a real phone until after I left high school. I had a small, phone, but it really only worked to listen to music. My first real phone was after I left high school. I didn’t (and still don’t) use it for calling or texting. I bought it as a way to read on the go ifi can’t or don’t feel like carrying physical books with me.

People who have met me have often said I am mature, even from a young age.

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