Portion control and size...

Alright. Ever since I gotten weigh loss surgery months ago, things are going fine for the most part. It was a rough journey, but I am not done, and I have so much more to do with changing and reinventing myself. Anyway, my thing is portion control and size.

What does your portion control and size look like? Is it small or large or smack right in the middle? Are you flexible with your portions or are you strict with it?

Go into detail if you can.
Lend me your thoughts.


portion control? what’s portion control?? /j

i’ve had a concerningly bad appetite for about five to six years now, having gotten far worse in the last two - i eat maybe one meal a day, and regularly go multiple days without a real meal which is… obviously very bad. (and infuriating as i’m overweight, as if i DO eat)
i’d love to be able to have stable eating habits, but as of right now, portion control eludes me unfortunately. i just eat what i’m able to stomach, when i can stomach it.

but anyway - by “your thing” do you mean you struggle with it? or you’re just interested in the topic? if you don’t mind my asking, of course

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Well, I’ve always been lax about it, but I prefer bagging a big bag of chips down for my kid’s lunch. Pre-made bags are usually 1 ounce, and mine in snack bags come out closer to 2 ounces most the time.

But if I don’t portion that, my kids can kill a big family bag of chips in a day.

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I used to have a fixation with portion distortion, and furiously kept portion sizes to the size of two tuna cans stacked on top of each other. If it couldn’t fit inside that, I wouldn’t eat it. But you starve that way, and I’d rather eat what I want and then punish myself with exercise. It’s a weird, masochistic relationship I have with food these days. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

But good for you for keeping to your plan! I do believe in body positivity and health at every size, but I too want to be thinner and more muscular. Why does everything that tastes good have to be bad for you? Argh! (-á·…_-á·„ŕą‘)

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I like finding things you can gorge on without it being expensive or calorically detrimental–just because.

One thing I like doing is thin slicing a whole head of celery and a decent box of mushrooms with a notch of real butter and soy sauce/amino acids. It’s a good base to most anything else I do want to portion control.


Not really. I am just curious to know what everyone’s portion control and size is.

I know that’s right. The struggle.

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For example, the best cake I ever had was a ghost squash cake. You add veggies to a cake, and all the other ingredients are improved by adding veggies, and you’re increasing your veggie intake in what would normally be junk, and these cakes are super moist.

And then there’s the “struggle bougie” peanut butter cups I make:

Either a small jar of peanut butter and a small container of cool whip or the large tub of peanut butter and a large tub of cool whip. Cool whip isn’t really a gain, but it’s definitely got less sugar than a Reese’s. I usually freeze them in silicone ice cube trays and dunk them in almond bark, but I discovered that you can cut down on the tackyness by shaking the frozen pb bars in straight up cocoa powder (no sugar addition) or in bot cocoa mix: then I wrap them in wax paper and store them in the fridge for weeks–they last forever, I swear, and if you’re concerned over longevity, you freeze a portion of them.

I made McGriddles with Kodiak pancakes (high protein pancakes), eggs, cheddar, turkey lunch meat with maple syrup. Better for you than McDs.

And peanut butter added to pancake mix makes them suckers heavier on your stomach, so you can’t eat as many of them.

Quinoa actually absorbs the flavor of gumbo juices better than rice, so any flavorful rice dish, you cook the grain in the broth, and you’re going to get a better tasting food from a healthier grain.

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I’ve never even heard of such a thing. LOL!

I tried this. I was not happy with the taste even with season on it.

Oh dear god! People actually do that? I wasn’t aware that was a thing.

Did that pb back in the late 1980s.

Quinoa in gumbo is basically straight up cooked in chicken broth with a floury gravy, with pepper, salt, and file, minimum. The flour may make a difference, but I make a roux for most involved dishes anyway.

Eggs cracked raw into and then slow-simmered in a soup/gumbo, sauce are boiled eggs with flavor. I try to do that for most any stewlike thing I make because my husband loves them.

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Well, I’m one of those people that has a high, possibly very high metabolism… It matters not the amount of food, but the type…

I can eat much, but certain foods will mess with me. I cannot have too much pasta as it ruins my bowels with cramps and wind… Lots of each… :frowning:

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with portion control… But I do hope you get help from posters who can assist.

I personally know of folk who have gone through Gastric Surgery, and it has changed their lives drastically for the better. But, I understand just how hard it can be to change your dietary needs or requirements after surgery. A rough journey it is, but you can do this.



Heh…you learn something new every day.

I’m glad you are enjoying it. You can keep the Quinoa and I’ll just deal with rice. LOL!

That sounds pretty interesting in a good way. You can get creative with your gumbo, huh? LOL!

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Oh no! I am not asking for help; I made this thread purely out of curiosity.
Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

That is fine, my dear!

I do hope I did not offend. That is something I would hate to do.


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Rarely. As soon as you do something not approved, people get offended that you call it anything other than a stew. Should see all the arguments about people daring to add heat or tomatos to gumbo.

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Nah, man, you didn’t offend.
I’m just never as clear as I thought I would be. Teehee!

Oh dear! That bad, huh? LOL!

Oh you are a dear!

A kind heart if I ever (and have not met you) met one…


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Thank you kindly.


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