I propose a reading of 6 to 16 chapters of your history (depends on how much you read from mine)



I will select the ones that best match the genre I write :slight_smile:

Attention: The feedback will only be given after the payment which is a reading of at least 6 chapters of my story When The Moon Rises.

Link: When The Moon Rises :slight_smile:

I will read the chapters you want of your story, and leave comments on my reactions. No judging. If you want a critique send me a DM :slight_smile:

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I just rewrote the first 15 chapters of my book. Would you be willing to do an exchange?


Title: King Eden
Genre: Sci-fi
Summary: One thousand years ago we destroyed the human race. The Ancient World is now home to clandestine groups of survivors and fearsome beasts. The wealthy Elite have abandoned the hostile Earth to settle in a utopia on Terraformed Mars. Bloodthirsty, power-hungry and corrupted by their own greed, they send brutal forces to purge the survivors of the old world, hoping to one day take both planets for themselves.

At the Amber Throne sits King Eden, Earth’s most powerful warlord and Mars’ greatest threat. When her son is kidnapped by the Elite in a ploy designed to take her life, she abandons her kingdom to seek revenge…and to walk straight into their trap.
Chapters: 1-15

We can start exchanging feedbacks. I’m already in chapter 30 of my book, but the first 15 chapters I wrote in quite a while, so it would be a good idea to exchange feedback in those chapters.

I will give my reactions in the comments and if I like it I will keep following your story :slight_smile:

okay cool! I’ll get to it either tonight or tomorrow

Hey, there! I would love to do the exchange : )

Title: The Great Escape

Genre: Fantasy


Year 1855

“Magic is not good or bad. Its wielder is.”

Ada finds herself scared and cornered for being who she is as she is left alone among cruel strangers.

Though, as kindness is finally bestowed upon her, nothing could have possibly prepared her for the disaster that followed.


“Leave. Everyone.”

She stayed put, her back facing him as she held on to the slab. She knew this order was not for her.

He moved slowly towards her.

His steps calculated and sharp.

Like a lion stalking it’s predator.

“I heard-” She jumped, suddenly feeling his breath fanning the back of her neck. “You know something about me.”

She let out a shaky sigh, her heart threatening to leap out of her chest. She had an uncontrollable urge to scratch at her cheek.

“Ada,” he whispered under his breath. His left hand slowly made it’s way up and wrapped around her arm, squeezing it painfully. “I asked you something.”

She closed her eyes tightly, gulping before replying shakily, “Yes, Your Lordship,”

He hummed and spun her around.

“I wonder what should I do to you then?” He spoke thoughtfully with a smile, twirling a strand of her hair, his dark red eyes pinning the girl in her place.

Link: https://my.w.tt/WGOJHGJUlab

Chapters: 1-16, if possible : )

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Accepted. Sounds interesting, I will start as soon as you make the payment.

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I’d be up for doing this if my story sounds like something you’d be up for reading.
Title: The Watcher
Genre: paranormal romance
He’ll have to break all the rules to keep her, but first she has to break just one and let him in…

It’s taken four years, but Anna Fray has finally put the past behind her. Mostly. She fills her days working in a bar and her nights watching bad romantic comedies. She’s managed to keep her distance from everyone around her by following one simple rule: don’t trust anyone.

Life is simple. Mundane, but simple.

This all starts to change when a boy walks into the bar with a book and a smile. Soon Anna finds herself the centre of his attention, whether she likes it or not. The only problem is that the more time she spends around the boy with the book, the more she notices he’s not like everyone else.

It’s not until one winter’s night that she realises just how different he is. In that moment, the world as she knows it, is changed forever.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/224159659-the-watcher
Chapters: 1-16 (just skip the prologue!)

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Hey I’m interested! I’m up for doing 6 and then see if we’d prefer a longer term r4r?

Title: The wolf of penshaw Lake
Genre: Werewolf Romance
Summary: Heidi and her mum Zara lived in fear of her step-father for years. Until they made a break for it and came across the cosy, yet uninviting town of Penshaw Lake. Determined to hate men forever, Heidi refuses to reciprocate the advances of Mason, unaware of his animalistic need to have her.

Mason Stone is a true Alpha Lycan. Loyal to his family and his pack, Mason wrestles with the idea of having a human mate. Known across England as an Alpha who prefers to be more wolf than man, Mason will do anything to protect those he cares about.

Even if it means sinking his canines into those who wrong him
Chapters: 1-6

I’m up for this!

Title: The Ties That Bind
Genre: Romance/New Adult
Ella Webb was never destined to be free.
Before she was even born, her parents had agreed that she would marry Dean, her best friend and the son of her father’s boss, when she turned eighteen. When Ella turned sixteen, her present was the fact that she was engaged to Dean.
Desperate for time to get out of her arranged marriage and live the life she wanted, she bargained for a three-year reprieve to go and get an education before marrying Dean when she graduated.
What Ella didn’t expect was to meet Matthew.
They quickly strike a friendship that turns to something more, despite the knowledge between them that she was engaged to someone else.

Falling in love with someone else was never Ella’s intention, yet as she finds herself swiftly falling for Matthew, together they try and find a way to get her out of her arranged marriage. Along the way, they find out the secrets both her and Dean’s family had been keeping from them their whole lives, and they work out that Ella had never been more than a pawn in their families twisted game of lies.

Link: Clicky clicky
Chapters: go for 6, then we can do more if we both want to? :slight_smile:

Let me know! :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting, accepted. I will start as soon as you start. :grin:

I love werewolf stories! Accepted, I will start as soon as you make the payment :slight_smile:

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yay okay, I’ll get on to it as soon as I can. it’s too late tonight now but i will tomorrow

Well, let’s do it then! Accepted, I’ll start as soon as you start the payment :smiley:

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Take your time :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Brill! I’ll start now :smiley:

Payment done! :smiley:

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payment complete :slight_smile:
I have 15 chapters up but some are split up into parts, so don’t feel obligated to read all of it just whatever you think satisfies the exchange

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I’ll start yours now! Thank you sm for the feedback!

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Once I finish RowanCarver’s story I will start yours!!!

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