Potential (Longterm) R4R?

Looking for some critiques on my writing potentially? Maybe, I’m being a little hard on myself, but I’ve been feeling like my writing is a little stiff? I’m hoping by putting my work out there I’ll be able to get an idea of how I might be able to improve that. I only have a chapter up, so far (soon to be two, by the day’s end).

I’m open to any genres to be honest. Though, I will say fanfictions may not be in your best interest if I’m unfamiliar with the fandom. If the plot’s good, I’ll probably still be down to read it!

Story Details
Title: Worth The Risk [mxm]
Genre: Romance


ᴍᴀᴛᴛᴇᴏ ᴅᴜᴍᴏɴᴛ royally fucked up this time. One small oversight on his part led to Elliot Hill, a popular reality star, pulling out from the six-million-dollar book deal BritePrint Publishing had been closely working to secure. The last thing he needed was a marred reputation as the senior editor from something as huge as this.

He scrambled to pick up the pieces before he or his junior staff faced serious consequences. There was only one problem: Elliot Hill refused to give him the time of day to fix things. That is until an incident leads him to misunderstand Matteo’s relationship with his emergency contact, César Tavarez.

ᴄᴇ́sᴀʀ ᴛᴀᴠᴀʀᴇᴢ is a tenacious attorney, whose hardened exterior earned himself the nickname “Ice King” around the firm. Contrary to popular belief, César does in fact have a much softer side reserved for those he was much closer to him- one of them being Matteo, someone he’s known for most of his life.

He promised himself he’d stop getting involved in Matteo’s insane schemes years ago. And to Matteo’s credit, there hadn’t been anything of the sort to refuse involvement in until now. This time around he was asking him to play along as his pretend boyfriend, but much as he wanted to say no, he knew Matteo’s ass was on the line. So, he did exactly what he knew he shouldn’t have done-he agreed to help.

As passion builds, the two of them struggle to discern what’s real and what’s just for show. As they are slowly made painfully aware of the strong feelings they have for one another, they are forced to answer one question lingering in the back of their minds…

Is crossing the line worth the risk?

Link: Here


Hii I would love to help out.
Title First love kisses and love letters
Genre Romance/Teen fiction
Link First love, kisses and love letters - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad


I am happy to read your chapter as r4r, if you don’t mind my book. It’s werewolf bxb, but no hierarchy/possession/abuse etc. Let me know if it works for you for the exchange.


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I’d love to do a r4r!

Mine is here! I’ll do both with you!

Let me know if accepted!


Sorry about the delay. Had a crazy rest of my weekend lol.

I’m totally down :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll shoot you a DM on Wattpad once I’ve started. Going to add your story to my reading list as a start.

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A werewolf BxB? Count me in!!

I’ll add your book to my reading and I’ll shoot you a DM once I’ve started reading, if that’s cool with you?

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Yes, accepted for sure! Adding your story to my reading list !!

I’ll DM you on Wattpad once I’ve started reading ^^

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Hey! I can read your story!

You can choose which of my books you want to read, I don’t really have a preference :slight_smile:

In Pursuit Of
The Mobius Road

lmk if you accept and which one of mine you want to read and I’ll get started on yours

Sure!! Yay! Do I wait for your dm to start or do I go ?

Perfect, sorry I was in bed when you replied haha. I’ll get started soon! <3

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ALL DONE! :smiley:
Great story so far Im so intrigued!

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Sure, I’ve read your first chapter, so you can read mine any time and we can go from there.

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Alrighty! Getting to yours now!

Finished work a couple hours ago so I have some reading to catch up, haha.

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Muchas gracias ^^

I just wrapped up reading your first two chapters! Looking forward to reading the rest.

At the edge of my seat with Jasper or as I’ve dubbed him “Joe from You”

edit: didn’t want to spoil your story for others ^^


Sorry about the going ghost! I had work the next day.

I just finished reading your first two chapters!

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Oooh goodie, I have options~

Is it bad I wanna read them all lol? I’ll choose one to do for simplicity sake, but don’t mind me if I do some poking around on the other two on my down time!

I’ll be reading ‘The Mobius Road’ !

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You’re writing is really good! It’s a really good start and I think the story could definitely go a lot of ways, I’m interested to see what you do with it

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You’ll probably see my comments, but I just need to reiterate how much I loved your writing lol. Anyway, thank you for giving my work a read.

I look forward to reading the rest ^^

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Ah thanks so much for the comments! And I love that! He does remind me a lot like Joe XD (not in the good way either lol)


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Hey, if you’re still accepting I’m down.

Title: Bliss
Link: Bliss - MissLaughALot_ - Wattpad

Let me know and I’ll start.

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