Powers/Gifts Consequences


I’m in need of think of consequences for my characters for using their “Gifts”

Below is my characters and their “Gifts”

Alexandra- Precognition of the past, present and future. (I have her consequence as Nose bleeds, but could ended up with her ears and eyes bleeding if in vision too long)

Lev (youngest brother, party animal)- Teleportation and Intelligence.

Kellin (Middle child, Calm, Levelhead) - Healing and Empathy (Consequences is gaining the injury of the person he is healing, but most of the time it is just a headache.)

Ryder (Toughest, SOB)- Telekinesis and Super Strength.

Nikolai (oldest and leader) - Mind Control and Telepathy.

So mainly, I just need some cool/horrible consequences for Lev, Ryder and Nikolai

Some I am thinking about:
Losing sense, (Hearing, Seeing, Feeling etc. More of the gift used, more senses lost and longer)
Fainting/Diabetes/Blood Sugar drops
Memory Loss
and I’m drawing a blank since it’s past midnight here.


Another consequence (or a replaceable one) could be that she has seizures.

Due to Lev’s Intelligence, he can experience painful migraines and/or have seizures due to the maximum amount of times he teleports which puts strain on the body.

You can keep this one, but instead of just injuries (which should be more than headaches, such as the feeling of a stab wound if said person he’s healing has been stabbed) he experiences the emotion that person is feeling. So, if someone is severely depressed, he feels that bout of crushing loneliness and that can affect his state of mind.

I have a character who has telekinesis that will experience nosebleeds such as Alexandra and if used often, will have seizures (which I suggest often here, lol). But for Super Strength, if used enough times, they can lose mobility. And maybe the tension they constantly put on their muscles start to degrade after a time and the pain gradually gets tougher to bear.

I would suggest a seizure… again… (so original at this point :sweat_smile:) However… there can be the fear of losing themselves mentally, maybe? Like every time they mind control or get in someone’s head, that person leaves some sort of imprint on them that lasts for however long you want it to in which Nikolai could have a sudden personality shift for like a minute that gradually gets worse?

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So not the way I thought this was going. Lol

You mean bodily consequences to weilding powers.


intelligence: inelasticity, as in too worn out to think. I hit aural overload a few weeks back from having constant bombardment with words/thoughts, both internally, externally. That was from over-processing. So, a need for absolute silence, not due to pain, but due to overstimulation.


Maybe this one can be on the other side of the “negative consequences”. Perhaps he had crippling reactions until they got the hang of it, like severely swollen joints for super strength, having the part of the brain that deals with spatial relations (telekenisis: you need to know where things are going) just shut down, so that even depth perception goes awry.

So, the other end…

Telekenisis: if not used regularly, he starts to overload his personal “force of direction”, meaning gravity is a weaker force on him than his own mind: dangerous while asleep. Have to tie him to a bed.

Super strength: a lack of use causes him to crush things from out of nowhere, like his beverages, makes him paranoid about touching people.

Not that the normal negatives are gone, but that he’s rarely hitting the end of his tolerance, any more…and it would likely cause him to be a dick to the rest about their needing to practice more.


Mind Control: panic attacks. A fear of losing control is heavily wrapped up in how panic attacks play out, and since some of the overextending attributes is a loss of the particular power, just the moment he can’t control something he could under regular circumstances, full panic sets in.

From experience, it can feel like a heartattack, like no one else is doing a damn thing, you can still get things done in a manic manner, but you feel like you’re behind. Hysterical crying or lashing out can accompany that.

Trlepathy: the opposite of needing isolation from overstimulation: a feeling of alienation, being cut off. It can lead to clingyness.

Which can be fun if you play the typical trope of Alpha Male: this guy would need a “normal girlfriend” because the very things he would break down about aren’t good for leadership, and are in opposition to his sibling’s needs, so he’s likely to try to hide it, even while coping.

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Ooo, this gives me Darker than Black tease - everyone in that universe that has a superpower has a consequence, too. These probably aren’t helpful, but they’re just an idea of how creative you can get - one girl had to eat cigarettes after using her power, another had to kiss a guy after using hers and she hated it because she was a lesbian, so she would kiss a guy and then kiss a girl because she was disgusted, another fell asleep for a few hours, someone else had to drink, etc.

hahaha! You crack me up!

Love your ideas!

So Seizures… :rofl::joy::wink:.
Love your ideas as well!

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Basically :sweat_smile:

I was really thinking hard on what else could happen but at the time of my post, it was late, so I was drawing blanks. But thanks! I hope they help.

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World building is just plain fun. What I liked about all of that was finding a way or two to make their breaking points something that would not make it easy for them to get along.

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rubs mantis hands consequences, my favourite! >:D

  • Migraines/headaches
  • Brain fog
  • Night terrors
  • Anemia from all the blood loss
  • Body aches from moving cross-dimensionally
  • Fatigue for the same reason
  • Veritgo ‘’
  • Poor propioception
  • emotional burnout/numbness (and to make it extra angsty you can include self injurious behaviour (drinking/drugs/self harm/ect. as the character’s way of trying to ‘feel something’)
  • Hypersensitivity to pain
  • Or alternatively, hyposensitivity to pain, making it hard for him to identify whether he’s been injured or if he’s too hot/cold or needs to eat.
  • Chronic pain from always healing people
  • Stomach ulcers/other internal problems from overusing painkillers.
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty knowing how much pressure to use on things/people resulting in a lot of broken objects (or people)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional burnout