Probably one of the many reasons why I DON'T enjoy other fiction that much...

When it comes to me enjoying the work of others, I find that I am reading less and enjoying a bit less and turn to writing WAY more.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE my anime/manga dearly, yet when I watch anime or read manga and webtoons, I severely want to do what they do but in a way that would greatly please me. Yet even with novels in the west, I also want to do the very same thing.

Like fantasy novels written by George RR Martin and Brandon Sanderson also makes me want to test my skills a bunch.

Yet to read it, besides other lingering issues that prevent me from reading, is that it doesn’t suit me to my liking.

NOTE: My novels/stories are absolute garbage! I am being viciously honest when I say this! It isn’t just me lowering my self esteem and making me out to be a terrible writer. I KNOW I am terrible writer! Yet, I, can become better at it for my sake and strive to get better and stay the best. I am just spitting facts! Don’t attack me or tell me otherwise!

Anyway, I love and like my novels, but when I enjoy the fiction of others it’s hard to enjoy it sometimes. I can’t see their story the way I see mine own. I know this sounds like the whole “why don’t you write fanfiction or draw fanart instead?” shtick, but I don’t want to do those things.

I rather write my own fiction original fiction for me or for me and possibly someone else who would enjoy. Yet, to be a good or decent writer, you have to read the work of others to get a sense of what to or not to do with your own work in order to gain readers that are willing to stick around long enough…right?

Still, I don’t mind gaining inspiration from other works and blending it into my own. Yet at the same time it very much feel like a copy and paste version that I am trying to pass off as some genuine thing (sounds better in my head, forgive me).

There are only few anime/manga/webtoons and novels that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE when it comes to outstanding worldbuilding, awesome characterization, amazing plot and story, and etc…in my personal opinion.

One Piece.
Tower of God.
A Song of Ice and Fire.
The Way of Kings.

There are a bit more, but these are my fave in terms of what I stated. I LOVE TO a write my very own story taking bits and pieces of the listed works of fiction that I love in place it all in a epic ass story (do not get ideas/will do it anyway).

What are your thoughts on this?

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Also, the way fiction authors write is maddening to me. I can’t vibe with it and will not vibe with it.

I might sound annoyingly difficult, but that is just me and the simple fact that I wholeheartedly prefer my own work…sometimes.

Just saying.

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Well, if you’re only writing for yourself then technically you don’t need to get any better at it. As long as you’re happy writing, then you don’t need to read good books and improve your skills. Do your own thing! (*^-‘) 乃

Sometimes, though, I wonder if maybe you unconsciously want to share your work someday, since you often worry about spoilers. Why worry about spoilers if you’re never going to post your work? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

That may be the case…may be. LOL!

There might be a chance I will reveal it to the world…depending on mood.

True, I suppose I am just a highly curious person in ways I should yet shouldn’t be.

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Look, I do it for me and don’t care what others think, in general.

I STILL improve things when I can see it. Just not to the point of those devoted to the craft.

It is perfectly reasonable to be improved for yourself, and worry about it.

Putting all that aside, most people improve because of wanting approval. It’s the psychology of humanity. This includes me. There is a base need for acceptance be ause humans want that.


Makes total sense.

In the end it is still for my pure enjoyment, but even if I reveal my work to others, the end result is that EVERYTHING I WROTE IS STILL FOR ME!!! I just want to see it in a “published” form where not only others can enjoy, but I can wholeheartedly enjoy.

Does that makes sense or not at all?



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Yay! :grin: :+1: