Procrastination and Coding (Lab)

Hmm it’s alright, coding isn’t coding without experimenting :joy: I’m just glad it was pointed out or I’ll be sitting here thinking it looked fine enough.

Ah, I’ll try that for the next experiment. This one is actually for an assignment in Coding 101 so sticking to px is required.

:scream: I didn’t do anything yet…hmm.

oops. “Testing” is supposed to be centred but the whole thing…right?sweats if only I can see it from a mobile eye

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Screenshot coming soon.

You can just see the tops of the letters and the apostrophe.

Apparently, ‘testing’ is aligned ‘right’ on mobile :joy: and by that I mean it’s centered and not cut off.

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It’s too big for the full screen…

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Ahhh, thanks! Screenshots are a bother so I didn’t ask.

Hmm I expected the Welp part to have problems but that won’t be included in the final product.

-_- heh, got to look into that. So far, I only know that fonts may look different but I’ll have to ask about the rest.

I saw the screenshots and… screeches in horror First, I’ll try to scale down the size so it fits but if that doesn’t work, that’ll be more work.

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The WELP just bothers me

It’s too long and wide to fit into the full screen … :sweat_smile:

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:joy: scrapped that. It was just nonsense anyway.
I just changed the dimensions. Width cut by about 100px T-T Oh gosh, I might run out of daily edits at this point lol. It would be the third time

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Better, but not

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It fits!

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Eee alrighty! Wow, that’s a small limit for mobile though (300px width). Next target is height but I’ll get back to it when it’s not 5am :joy:
Thank you sososooo much for helping, I appreciate it and all those screenshots!

Have a fine day/night and I guess I’ll see you around in other threads or here.

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Blue Circle

Next Target: Getting “Blue Circle” smack dab in the center without messing up this part.
I rewrote circle so many times it doesn’t look like a word anymore. Autocorrect and my fingers love me -_-

After I figure out some things, future mock word ads will be prettier…I think.


Next Target: try other cover sizes, maybe add a video or link to WP

Woah, playing around is fun.



Recommendation for 9/6/2020

We Won’t Be Falling, Xueran Chen, English
Click for YouTube Video

This is also an OST for a drama. It’s so good (the song and Cdrama XD).


Daily(?) Music Recommendations/Sharing

Heyo, your local valkyrie is here and I love procrastination. I thought…since I listen to music every day, maybe someone out there would like some recs but for this thread, it will be daily or almost daily.

Music Queue/Information


  • Sharing music from all genres
  • Discovering music
  • Having fun/procrastination


  1. Respect everyone’s taste
  2. No bashing artists/songs
  3. If you are recommending more than five songs, please put the links in a summary. Too many embeds would make this thread too long
  4. Use the format provided below
  5. Please, check the lyrics and M/V before recommending it. I don’t know if there are younger members here but just to be sure
  6. If you are asking for songs, provide specific things like genre, sounds or message

Song title, artist(s), language, a little note (this one is optional)

  • If you are providing lyrics or translations, maybe put them in summaries?


  • My music taste isn’t the best
  • I rarely listen to English songs so if you’re looking for that, I may have to disappoint

Okey, Let’s goooooo :blue_heart:






Reason goes here



Announcement here



Top 5



Thank You




Number of chapters for R4R (max is in Rules):
Other stuff:



Va Va Vis , Florina, French
French Lyrics

Elle n’est pas parfaite, je ne l’ai pas choisie
Un jour on m’a dit envole-toi, vas-y
Tu tomberas sur le bitume
Mais tu prendras l’habitude
Tu y laisseras quelques plumes, mais c’est ta vie

Elle fera des promesses qu’elle ne tiendra pas
Elle fera des prouesses aussi quelques fois
Tu ne pourras pas la connaître
Elle est faite de “peut-être”
Mais elle finit par te prendre dans ses bras

Elle est belle un jour sur deux
Aime-la, fais comme tu peux
Si jamais ton cœur hésite
Cours avant que l’amour t’évite

Refrain :
Va, va, vis, va, va mon ami
N’oublie pas de sourire en chemin
Va, va, vis, va, va mon ami
Et le destin pourrait bien changer d’avis

Hohohohoho va, va, vis (x2)

Certains voudraient l’échanger contre la tienne
Sans savoir que chaque espoir traîne sa peine
Comme un boulet invisible
Qui nous rend souvent risible
On écrit l’histoire mais c’n’est pas un poème

Page blanche un jour sur deux
Jette l’encre au fond de nos yeux
Regarde toujours devant
Car le temps, non, ne prend pas son temps


Hohohohoho va, va, vis (x2)

Verse des rires
Sème-les et je trouv’rai le chemin
Qui mène vers ta main
Verse des rires
Pour noyer la peine et le chagrin
Le bonheur sera là demain


Ohohoh ohohoh, oh, oh, oh, oh, va, vis (x2)

Florina - Va, va, vis lyrics

English Translations

It’s not perfect, I didn’t choose it,
One day they told me: Fly away, get on with it!
You’ll fall onto the asphalt
but you’ll get used to it,
you’ll leave some feathers there, but that’s your life.
It will make promises that it won’t keep.

It will do neat tricks sometimes too.
You won’t be able to know it,
it’s full of maybes,
but it ends up taking you in its arms.

It’s beautiful one day in two,
love it as you can,
if ever your heart hesitates
run before love evades you.

Go, go on, live, go on, go my friend
don’t forget to smile on the way
Go, go on, live, go on, go my friend
and fate could well change its mind

Ooh ohh … Go, go on, live (x2)

Some would like to swap their lives for yours
not knowing that every hope brings its sorrow.
Like an invisible burden
that often makes us laughable
we write the story but it isn’t a poem.

A blank page one day in two
drops the anchor in the depths of our eyes
Always look ahead
because time, no - doesn’t take its time.


Ooh ohh … Go, go on, live (x2)

Have lots of laughs
Scatter them and I will find the path
that leads to your hand.
Have lots of laughs
to drown grief and sorrow,
happiness will be there tomorrow.


Ohohoh ohohoh, oh_oh, oh, oh, go, live. (x2)

Florina - Va, va, vis lyrics + English translation

Go, Go On, Live

Click for Youtube Video


Shall You Pass Vals R4R Exam?

This is a long post so if you are not here for serious business, you shall not pass.

What If You Pass?

Here are a few things

:crossed_swords: Edit comments (tell me if you would not like these)
:crossed_swords: Comments on writing style - if I have any
:crossed_swords: Random musings
:crossed_swords: A rain of positive comments
:crossed_swords: Constructive criticism - if I have any
:crossed_swords: Other comments whatever that is

:dagger: If I like your book enough, it will be added to a reading list. I have about 37, it will fit somewhere
:dagger: Maybe a follow. Again, if we had a great interaction and/or if I liked your book


I will not promise reading after the R4R has been completed as I am a busy bee but if you ever need help, I will be available.

TEST 1: Basic Information/Purpose

Intro Info>>>Objectives
Intro Info


When wattpadwriters was still alive, I saw that there was an issue with R4Rs and here are some things others have talked about (some of which I have ran into despite participating in R4Rs once in a blue moon):

:crossed_swords: Failed R4Rs: the other person received comments but do not return it even after checking in months later
:crossed_swords: One-sided R4Rs: comments are returned but have no real value as what is written could be a single word that may be turned into spam if commented on every line. You know what I’m talking about…Lol, wow, ok, uhhh, etc.
:crossed_swords: Only positive or only negative comments, no in-between. No constructive criticism.

(Did I miss any?)


Genres/Books I Am Wary Of

:crossed_swords: Arranged or forced marriage. It is fine if the relationship is not the main focus. Why? I have read some books that focused on these plots and many were handled poorly.
:crossed_swords: Spiritual books. Like above, it is fine if the main focus is not the character going through a spiritual journey. I am not very religious and it has not been a positive thing in my life so I would not like to see a book where the main message is to follow a religion. If the character’s actions are fully dictated by religious beliefs, sorry. If the character is influenced by beliefs, fine.
:crossed_swords: Erotica. Eeeeh, the occasional soft or graphic sex scene is fine but if there is one every chapter, no thanks.
:crossed_swords: Fan fictions. I am not in a fandom but if I do not need to know about events in the original work or it is an AU, it is fine.

Definitely No Nos

:crossed_swords: Romanticizing: sexual abuse, domestic abuse…or abuse of any kind, really.
:crossed_swords: Kidnapping for the sake of developing a romantic relationship
:crossed_swords: Bestiality, pedophilia, extreme kinks
:crossed_swords: Fetishizing anything and/or anyone

I hope I do not have to explain why.

Lastly, no need to warn me about mature ratings (for sexual themes, dark themes, strong language or violence), LGBTQ+ or whether it is ongoing. My own books have these things anyway.

Password: 6 letters and one number. Letters and numbers can be arranged in any way, can be repeated, case does not matter

If I have not lost you yet, you may proceed.



Well, I have made a very detailed thread on the old forums for this R4R but I lost it so I will put it here once again. My goal for this thread is to accept as many R4Rs I can but first, you must pass this test. I know how much of a struggle it is to sort through R4Rs, weeding out potentially disastrous ones and hoping for a good one so I created this thread mostly for myself but partly for you too.

It is simple enough. Read through this post, see if you are interested and if you are, fill out the exam form I will provide in the second(?) post of this thread. I know I will accept 98% of the time so please, do things correctly. If everything runs smoothly, we will have a good time and perhaps discover a new book.

I also put a twist on this R4R because I encourage participants to rate our R4R so I will know if I am doing it right or not. If there is anything I lack, either put it with the rating or send me a PM here or on WP. I have thick skin so any harsh words are not going to bother me. I do want to help others and improve myself. Ratings will be on a scale from 1-10. I think you will know what 1 is and what 10 is.

Test 2: Rules, Warnings, Signing Up For Training

Rules>>>Warnings and Expectations>>>Signing Up For Training (Forms)


  1. I have the right to turn down books based on blurbs and/or application
  2. If you wish to post the book’s cover, please put the whole application in a summary
  3. Wait until I accept to start. I would like to start around the same time just to be fair but from the original R4R thread, that did not work but things went smoothly enough
  4. Filling out the form is mandatory. Password is in the summary for genre
  5. Please do not rush me since I am busy with life, school, writing 10+ ongoing books, personal commitments, writing buddies, running an art club, etc. I will tag you when you are accepted and the list will be updated so you can see where you are
  6. Comments must be at least a sentence so…more than 3 words, please. “lol” and “rofl” is fine ONLY if there are words after it that can be considered a reader reaction. I will not count comments with only stuff like that
  7. This is NOT a critique so an analysis at the end of each chapter is not required. I will not be doing end of chapter comments unless I really liked the chapter
  8. Please be respectful. If I find you had issues with past R4Rs and if I find a comment very insensitive, I will stop the R4R right there
  9. Maximum of 3 chapters but if you would like a second round, just let me know or reapply. I am always happy to keep reading books I like
  10. I am not the greatest writer and I barely edit so please be aware of that. I am trying to improve so I am aware that I may be wrong but in no case will I allow myself to be put down just because of that
  11. After I accept, please remove the password. I will remind you to do so. I just do not want someone to come in, figure out the password and just drop the link to their book. We mean gruelling business here
Warnings and Expectations


  1. If anything is wrong in the application or something tells me that you have not read the post, I will decline and that is final. You may reapply but I may not accept depending on what the mistake was.
  2. I may not be the most refined person and I usually read late at night…err…morning (1-7am). I do not mean to offend anyone
  3. My PMs are always open but do not keep reminding me because I do keep my word.

FORMS: Provided in second post. Copy and paste it, then fill it out.

Test 3: Pick a Book to


Links will go in here

I look forward to reading all your books! Just give me the best R4R you can give and I shall return it with the same force if not more. Also, sorry for the long post…imagine the coding for it though. Took 2-5 hours to write up this whole thing. I am a professional procrastinator…



Carry You, Ruelle (Feat. Fleurie), English

Click for Youtube Video



I know it hurts
It’s hard to breathe sometimes
These nights are long
You’ve lost the will to fight

Is anybody out there?
Can you lead me to the light
Is anybody out there?
Tell me it’ll all be alright

You are not alone
I’ve been here the whole time singing you a song
I will carry you, I will carry you


I know you can’t remember how to shine
Your heart’s a bird without the wings to fly

Is anybody out there?
Can you take this weight of mine?
Is anybody out there?
Can you lead me to the light?


You are not alone
I’ve been here the whole time singing you a song
I will carry you, I will carry you

[Ruelle (Fleurie):]

You are not alone
I’ve been here the whole time
You are not alone
I’ve been here the whole time singing you a song
I will carry you, I will carry you
(Is anybody out there?)
I will carry you, I will carry you
(Is anybody out there?)


I know it hurts
It’s hard to breathe sometimes



Procrastination and Coding (Val’s Lab)


Whee #1
  • Procrastinate 119%
  • Test HEX codes because gosh, I am picky
  • Make cheat sheets for myself hehehe
  • Play around with simple coding for made-up ads and stuff. See what works and what doesn’t
  • Maybe learn from other coders because I am a noob if you can, help mehhhh


Whee #2

Pictures/Images I will or have used
Clickable Thingy
Scrolly Thingy
First Mock Thingy
Second Mock Thingy
Promoting One Of My Most Favourite OST Songs
Circle: Because There Is No Point
Longest piece of coding yet


Whee #3
  • Cursive (Good on tablet, looks a bit like comic sans on PC)
  • Times new roman (Good on both)
  • Monospace (Good on both)
  • Cursives (Good on PC, looks like TNR)
  • Cinzel (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Script (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Arial (Good for both?)
  • Courier (Good for both)
  • Impact (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Helvetica (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Book antiqua (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Goudy Old Style (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Rockwell (Good on PC, normal on tablet)
  • Papyrus (Good on PC, normal on tablet)


Cool Clouds