Project Thread: The Gods of Midgard

I am currently developing a concept of what would happen if the Norse Gods met the Greek Gods.

The story is that a young Freya and Odin/Odr find that some idiot is sneaking into Asgard and stealing their stuff. They track the their to Midgard, specifically in Greece and they end up stepping on a lot of Gods’ and Goddesses’ togas.

Thematically it is about the generational and philosophical divide of the two pantheons, with the Greek Gods having a classic, Old Hollywood style while the Norse Gods are more like rebellious teenagers from the 1980s. I’m also going to attempt to parody Lore Olympus’ art style, too.

I have a list of things that I want to have happen and a concept for Freya’s design but not much else. If you like Mythology you will like this thread.


Note that I will take it to a more comedic, less dramatic direction. Odr is going to chuck Cupid/Eros a few hundred meters at least once.

Ah, yes I remember this. We discussed this a long time ago.

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I am going to develop it further

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:100: Do it, B0tt0!

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Ar eyou going to mimic their environemnt?

For example: two fertility goddess may have plants grow in their wake, but the southern goddess would have Mediterranean plants while the northern one would have flowers that may bloom in the snow, etc.?

It would be a quick asthetic to work in…

“Why is it so cold when you walk in my home, Loki?”

“To think you’d complain about a little chill in your wine, Bacchus…”

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It gets a little more complicated because of the Aesir-Vanir divide, and how all of the Greek Gods are technically Vanir.

I am going to make sure that it looks like Greece because most modernized takes don’t take advantage of the beautiful medditerean enviroment.

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My whole brain just went “Rick Riordan” for a moment there :joy:

This all sounds like it would be a very awesome story

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Well the gods are more accurate, meaning that they are more like reality tv stars

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You’re just making this project sound even cooler :joy:

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