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Hi there. I’ve been quiet on Wattpad and here for a while now as I’ve been struggling with getting back into my stories after a break I took to do editing for other writers. Instead, I’ve written a non-fiction book.

Unlike my fiction work, I actually want to publish this book. But because I’ve never really looked into publishing (I only ever write fiction for fun) I’m after some advice. Should I self publish or traditionally publish?

I’m sure this question has been asked of the forum before, but I’m specifically talking about non-fiction and wondered if anyone out there had any experience in this area in particular.


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omg lemme know when i can buy it what is it about??

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While I’m not published myself, I have done a lot of research in the topic (because I hope to publish in the near future) and part of my research kind of landed on non-fiction publishing.

From what I’ve heard, you should honestly self-publish it, if it’s a memoir or autobiography specifically. This is because the industry nor the audience doesn’t care about non-fiction (memoirs and autobiographies) unless the book is from a well known person or is a biography on a well known person. What many people think is that their life is super interesting that it’d be a good idea to write a story about their life when no one truly cares, and that’s the sad reality to it. So most agents and publishers won’t bother unless you have an established platform somewhere with an audience who will buy the book.

As for other forms of non-fiction, it depends on the market and what your story can bring to the table. There are agents and publishers who will accept self-help books and other forms of non-fiction, but you’d have to do your research to see if it’s something that many publishers would want.

Otherwise, self-publishing it may be the best choice, but even then, that also depends on you, your story, and what kind of platform is the best one for you.

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Thanks so much for your advice. This is really useful.

My book would probably be classed as a self-help book, but about a mostly untapped area. Amazon suggests there are only 3 other books on this topic. But if forum users/posts (a very different forum to this!) are to be believed, there are large numbers of people looking for answers. It’s a topic close to my heart, and research suggests there is a gap in the market.

My hesitancy with self-publishing is while I work in marketing, I am the absolute worst at marketing myself!

Your response has given me food for thought and I’ll continue to research - as you say, it depends on me and my book…

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Oh hey btw - I was doing some mod clean-up, lol, and rediscovered this, maybe there’s something in there that’ll help:

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