Puffs pop up covers // fakes welcomed

So… I’ve got some free time and am majorly procrastinating writing… sooo here I am offering up some covers. sorry about crappy layout… I cant code for sh*t

I’ll be doing a batch system of five requests at a time… max two per requester per batch.

Be kind
Be paitent
leave a show/movie suggestion
Give ideas and inspo
let me know if you’ll use the cover.

Payment: rather a two lined non criticizing comment or Two any size non critsizing comments on a story of my choice

Some examples

as you can see I do prefer the single person, darker type covers. but will try anything ALL Fanfics welcome but I am a sucker for Harry potter and anything Kpop.

anything else;

feel free to give me some fakes, just put that its fake in the form


wtf these are so nice- isn’t manips hard-?

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aw thanks! and yeah… but my kryptonite is simple covers… and object covers and most bright covers and text man do I hate text lol… personally I really love maniping and editing people sooo I get right into ones like “lets play a game and " black prewett”


whoa what do you use to make your covers :0

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photoshope elements 8 … its like 10yrs old… lol

luckkyyy ;;w;;

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It just take a lot of practice I’ve been doing it on and off for 10 yrs…


holy- that’s a longggg time o.o

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anyone??.. Anyone at all??.. no…okay…

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Omg I love your covers:0

Requesting a fake!
title; DTGirl’s
subtitle; Dreams can show you anything
author; Cecilia Nguyen and Chesca Roque
mood/colors; candy themed and make it look dreamy, or something like that. Just make it look cool lol, I’m fine with whatever!


Basically what the idols look like

faceclaim(s); Any Kpop idols that fit the pictures look, our any Kpop idols that look good
anything else; this is basically, before the girls become Kpop idols so you can make them look kinda young or whatever (idk what I’m talking about)

Anyways, thank you so much!

I really love ‘The Crimson Ribbon’, would totally read a book with that cover <3

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I was so proud of it tbh, but never ended up using it, it was supposed to be a prequal to a book I never got around to really writing lol



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Hi, I requested a cover but you didn’t seem to see it! You can press on the link to bring you to my request: request


I’m going to attempt this and I’ll let you know if accept or denied!

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thank you!

title;Daughter Of Blood
author; S.S Kingston
mood/colors;Darker type cover , with dark colors and light tittle, make it desirable.(dark red,black,grey,white…etc)
ideas/pics; Similar to The Crimson Ribbon or Twisted Throne(your cover examples up there) or: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ca/8d/17/ca8d1744610e88a12e57ba47fb97e275.jpg
faceclaim(s); Barbara Palvin
anything else; I really like the font you used on The Crimson Ribbon if you can use that one or similar to that, please do. And, thank you.

accepted! you can complete payment on sour candy, Royal Academia, games we shouldn’t play or song of amaranth

Are you still accepting covers requests?