Queen of Smoke and Bones

Welcome the section that is Queen of Smoke and Bones. This story is a Dark Fae Romance story and I have a plot but not yet a setting. I’ll share the plot too so you guys can give some feedback on it as well. I may have to add more details or make it fit the cover, since the plot currently reads as an Urban Fantasy.
I may have to turn it into a High Fantasy of some sort considering the look of the cover.

Plot so far:

I know I will have to include content warnings for the story. Because it’s a Dark Romance. But I do want some feedback on the undetailed plot so far. I’ll build on this plot a bit more, in the hopes of making it fit the cover. But I’m not sure. I’ll have to build on things I have mentioned in the plot, so that’ll be first, obviously. Afterward, I can build on the plot and the history surrounding the story.
A high fantasy or fantasy may be the best suitable, since I wouldn’t know where to set the story. Country wise. But creating a kingdom or country from scratch, is going to be tedious. But, perhaps, as I’ve said, necessary. To make it all fit together nicely.

So my question to you all is: what do you think of the plot so far?

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