Question about Novels, Series and more


This is probably a dumb question…

But you know how when you have a book.
Then it’s part of a series…
Then its part of multiple series together…

What is that called?

For example:
A person writes a book on a royal family.
Then makes it a series with a book about every child in the royal family.
Then makes it apart of several series about all different royal families /different country…

Is it a Collection or Saga? Franchise?

My brain is dead, ha!


It’s between a saga and a series.

A series is when you write a collection of stories that are all connected in one way or the other. This can include stories about one person in particular (think of Twilight—it’s all about Bella and her world) or it can have various perspectives, including companion novels (like for Jenna Moreci’s books where the first is about a guy named Tobias and the second in her series is of someone else, and it takes place the same time as the first book). But it can also have other perspectives and their storylines as long as they intercept the one major timeline and characters, like in the Avengers series.

Sagas, on the other hand, is one major story that takes place in-between multiple stories like Lord of the Rings, and this can include the lives of those characters (being in their perspectives, etc.)

Franchises, however, would refer to the movie world (mostly) but it would deal with everything that is in relation to the original story. So this includes spin-offs, remakes, other parts of the series. So to give an example, Avengers is a franchise. You have the one overall arching story (between the actual Avengers movies) then you have the other parts of the series (like Iron Man, Captain America, all of their sequels), then you have the spin-offs (the animated series, Agents of SHIELD, and now the upcoming show about Loki).


As @AMMeyers said, I’m fairly certain it can be referred to as a saga OR a series. It depends on the author, and what they think it’s closest to? I’d probably just refer to it as a series haha


I’d say groups of series like that would be considered to each be their own series existing in the same universe as the other series’s.

So like if you had Main Series A with series X, Y, Z, included in it, a library would probably catalogue it as [Title] Series X, Book 1. Possibly with a note about it belonging to a bigger main series.

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saga or collection
Though saga is more common believe it or not
Franchise is for movies

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For me it’s like series set in the same verse. So I would just name the verse on the cover, then the individual series name

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Your example intrigues me…a lot. I will get back to you with more.

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@MLTracy: Going back to your example, are you using it for a story? I only ask this because I might want to use it for my story instead. That is alright with you.

i am! i just thought about it about a couple weeks ago and was like that would be cool. i first thought of just doing one royal family and then i knew i would intertwined other royal families and was like why not do a big series on it.

i’m planning on starting writing first of the year. just finished plotting and character names lol!

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Oh, okay. Never mind, I will just have to do my own thing.

Good luck and happy writing.

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