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These are some interesting questions.

Q 1: What would you tell your young writer self of the past who probably wasn’t happy/satisfied with their writing? What advice would you give?

Q 2: If you creative writing teacher were to see your finished work, what thought would you think cross their mind?

Q 3: What writerly quote would you make for yourself?

The second question might be a bit challenging, because you probably didn’t take creative writing classes and/or don’t know how you teacher would respond. Yet if you can answer the question that is good too.

My Turn:

  1. I would tell my young writer self to probably never give up hope because in the future you actually finished something. I’d also tell her to write things down and take plenty of notes. That is more for the me now though, but still. Seriously, just take notes and focus on one idea at a time.

  2. He would most likely tell me that I am good, but could do a whole lot better.

  3. In life there are dreamers and seekers then there are both. If you want to reach a certain goal in your life you can either dream about it or seek it out or either do both. I would rather do both.

Probably doesn’t make sense what I added for the third one. LOL!

What about you?



Chill, girl. ALL your teachers were wrong.

I mean, considering this is a situation I get put in all the time because I’m quite literally a Creative Writing student :joy: Often it’s something between “This doesn’t make sense, is this already very developed elsewhere?” and “Good luck on the series! You’ll do great!”

“Screw the rules. They’re useless anyway”


just write down ideas!! honestly i didn’t care much about writing back then cause it was a hobby but i kinda regret not saving up some cool ideas i had

uhhh, its ok ig?? lmao i’m not confident in my writing anymore- but uh, it depends on what im writng but they probably think i put in a lot of emotion :sparkles:

funny think is I actually write done random lines i think of and put them in my notes for stuff to be used later :skull: :skull: ngl if i pull some stuff from my poems for myself it would sound even more depressing-

  1. Writing takes time. You’ll hone your craft as the months and years go by.
  2. I’d like to think she’d be proud.
  3. Always have that little bit of faith in yourself that everything will be fine and you will conquer your challenges and be on top of the world.
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