Quick Question: Which one of these monsters makes horror films so scary, in your opinion?

Choose wisely:

  • 1.The monsters that live among us/human monsters.
  • 2.The monsters that we sometimes can’t see or don’t know exist/supernatural/otherworldly monsters.
  • 3.The monsters that lie within us/inner demons/monsters.
  • 4.Another type of monster/Other (explain in the comments).

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A vote for number three. I have a feeling numbers 3 and 1 are going to be tied or something. LOL!

I honestly don’t know how to categorise this but the only movie that’s ever scared me was one where someone saw something and came kind of possessed but it wasn’t an ordinary possession as they literally turned into a monster and by turned into a monster I mean she went from human to I honestly don’t know what you would call it. Idk it was a weird indie film that I’m sure if I watched it today I would be like wtf is going on.

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Interesting. And you don’t know the name of the film?

That sounds like what happens to mages in Dragon Age. One second they’re a humanoid, the next they’re a repulsive vicious abomination. Truly terrifying.


It’s called The Shrine.

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as far as media goes, unseen/mostly unseen monsters a la blaire witch are the creepiest. the idea of something being just out of sight, waiting for you to look at it look at it look at it

is freaky man


The creepiest movie mentally is Climax. It takes a scary look at the human condition under the influence of drugs and it makes people do crazy things. I guess that would be inner demons/misters coming to the surface.

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Horror movies don’t scare me. I mean, they do with the jump scares, but I don’t consider those real scares because jump scares happen and then it is over. The real scares are those that last throughout the movie. They creep up on you. They build.

(I’m a horror movie lover if you couldn’t tell. Haven’t been watching movies recently, but I sure want to.)

I said 1, but I don’t mean like people who turn into monsters. I mean people who are seemingly normal but something is off-putting about them. Like maybe they smile too brightly or are a little stalkery, or they pop up and it’s just…strange, and you don’t notice at first, but it slowly creeps up on you, and with the MC you slowly become consumed in the fear.

That’s the best form of horror in my opinion. I mean, sure, I like the demons and monsters grabbing people off their beds and into hell, but it’s the human monsters that could actually be a real thing is what is the biggest scare. There is nothing supernatural at all about them. So, normal. Can happen.

There was this movie called The Gift. Oh gosh, it’s something that could actually happen and that made it twice as frightening. The Perfect Host, Get Out, The Visit (it was okay. not what I expected from M. Night), We Are What We Are, etc.

Supernatural monsters can be brushed off as fiction. But people being people on a horrifying level can’t be. It’s so real. You can’t shake it. And maybe…you know someone like that or you could know someone like that :eyes:


you might like Skinamarink

it’s brand new, released this january to only 800 theaters by a very indie publisher. it’s analog style, not many jumpscares but the whole thing is just off, ya know? and depending on who you ask is either the scariest hell shit ever or a disappointment.


Sounds interesting…

Could I get that on Amazon prime? :stuck_out_tongue: (edit: I can’t find it…)

I live in Japan and sometimes Indie movies don’t make it all the way here.

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it’s a Shudder exclusive i think

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I just watched the trailer…

it looks good…but I’m afraid it will follow the typical haunted house plot based on what the trailer showed. Does it start with a family that has some issues and moves to a new house and then they unleash something that starts to haunt them? It drives them crazy and some of them come together to fight, but it’s not a happy ending type of thing? Or is it more psychological?

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nope, it’s about two little kids who wake up in the middle of the night to find their dad is missing and all the outside doors and windows are gone. they can’t get out, they have no way to tell the time, and they’re stuck in there with an… entity.

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I don’t fear others. I fear what I’m capable of.

Never fear the one who can kill the body only: only fear that which kan kill your soul. So, since “self” and “God” are the only part that have control over that death? Everything else is nothing.


That’s pretty deep.
Not gonna lie.

I hate jump scares, they aren’t even scary because you know that they are expected in horror movies.


oooo, sounds good. Never heard of anything like that before.


es spooky spooky the director has done other stuff online, if you can’t get Skinamarink on Shudder.

i think skinamarink was based on a shorter, slightly different film he did called Heck? it might be on reddit…