R4R and hopefully more

I’ve been active in WP for quite a while now, and I’ve noticed how helpful these can be.
So, what I’m offering is: 3 chapters maximum of read for read.
I have three stories that you’re free to choose any of them.
What I want is that we give each other general feedback and readers reaction, not one comment on the first paragraph and one on the ending (cause that’s not cool!)
So if you’re fine with this part, let’s move on to the second part:
What I meant by hopefully more in the title is, after we read 3 or lesser chapters of each other’s stories, and my story happens to be something you enjoy, you can inform me and we can extend this r4r deal and make it a weekly thing or whenever either of us updates so we can have feedback on our later chapters too. In short, if you’re interested we can have a longterm r4r until one of us backs out or our books finish XD
My stories and the links (you’re free to choose any of them, and all of them are ongoing)
Fantasies Blown Away (fantasy/vampire/romance)[mature]{# of chap: 4):

A Phenomenon Erratum (Science fiction/romance){# of chap:5):

Aumen (New Adult/general fic/romance)[mature]{# of chap: 42):

The thread will remain open unless I put a close sign next to the title (which I highly doubt I’d do so). I’ll be looking forward to our short/long term r4rs


Hey! I am writing a sci-fi novel too and exchanging with other people who write that genre really helps me out. Would you be willing to let me read Phenomenon, in exchange for 3 chapters of King Eden? Here’s my link

Let me know if this works for you and I’ll get started on payment

King Eden

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It actually sounds pretty interesting. Yeah sure!
I’ll get to your work after I wake up (cause here is super late and I’m barely keeping my eyes open XD)

haha sounds good. Thanks!
Payment complete :slight_smile: if you want to go long term let me know

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Interested :slight_smile:
https://www.wattpad.com/story/231082004-unquenchable-pursuit-complete is mine <3 Let me know and I’ll start Aumen.

https://www.wattpad.com/story/239615704-q or

Will begin once accepted

Hey! I have a completed book that’s 22 chapters (about 75k words) that I would love to start a R4R with you. I’m definitely down to do 3 chapters at first. And if we both want to continue, I’d be more than happy to read up to 22 chapters of Acumen (and let’s be honest if I read that much I’m probably invested and will probably see your story to the end lol).

If that works, here’s my story info:
In Pursuit Of (Romance/Action)

I would love to exchange feedback! : )

That’s the link to my story. It’s a dark fantasy # of chapters- 17

The Great Escape

Mine is 23 chapters at the moment. It’s an ongoing romance, new adult book:
The Ties That Bind

Let me know if accepted and I’ll get started!

@sonjaebersole accepted! Please inform me when you complete the payment and also mention if you’d be interested in a long term or not.

@xxGinaCharlottexx : accepted, but I would prefer if you would tell me which one of those you want me to read. Or if you’re interested I can read 3 chapters from each and you can do the same for two of my stories, it’s up to you, and please inform me when you complete the payment and also mention if you’d be interested in a long term or not.

@DragonsDreaming : That sounds great! accepted

@Apple : Accepted! Please inform me when you complete the payment and also mention if you’d be interested in a long term or not.

@MiniMoxx : Accepted! Please inform me when you complete the payment and also mention if you’d be interested in a long term or not.


Kayliani, although if you absolutely hate it, Q is fine.
I’ve begun, it looks good thus far. I’ll let you know the answer(s) when I complete. :slight_smile:
3 done, yes I’ll be continuing if you will with mine :slight_smile: Let me know <3

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All finished! :smiley: I’d be up for a long term thing, if you enjoy mine! (no pressure if you dont like it haha)

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On chapter 3 right now, definitely in it for long term.

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Okay, thank you, I would be probably starting to read by tomorrow evening at least. :slight_smile:

Done with the 3 chapters! I’m down for a longterm, feel free to PM me after reading 3 chapters of mine if you also want to :slight_smile:

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Hi! I just finished reading the 3 first chapters of King Eden and loved it! And I would love to do a longterm r4r with you ^.^

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sweet! I’ll add you to my list and keep up with you as you upload

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Thanks! I’'l add your story to my reading list right now

Hii! I’m interested
Title Discover Soulmate
Link https://www.wattpad.com/story/27335866-discover-soulmate

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I just finished reading your story and it was great!
I’ll add your story to my reading list and till the end of next week hopefully, I’ll be able to reach to the last chapter and keep up with the updates
Thank you so much!

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