R4R - One Chapter Review

I have an arena battle scene as the first chapter. I was curious if it played out well. First impressions are everything in a book lol.

Genre: science fiction
Sub-genre: horror

I’ll read your first chapter in exchange! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And give a honest review.

Let me know if you’re interested in the comments!


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i have the perfect first ch to give back. d o u accept Google docs?

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I’d rather just keep everything on Wattpad lol.

Yeah, I’m in!



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i have another first chapter i can exchange that’s on WP I’ll link it in abt a half hou and you can decide i you’d like to.

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warning there is swearing and a little gore, if that’s not your thing then don’t have to do it.


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Mine has a lot of cursing and a lot of gore lmao. You’re fine.

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okay i’ll get started on yours

not sure if you’re still interested, but i’m always down!! :smiley:

Sounds perfect! I only have one part so far in one of my stories. I’ll probably get started on yours right away.
Link: Never: Hall C Letters

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