R4R - One Chapter Review

Hey everyone!

I’d love to have a R4R with my brand new novel: The Laughing City. It’s a dark horror/thriller. I’m hoping to make friends and create long term reading partners.

If you’re interested, please comment below!

Check out my story here:


Hey! I’m interested!

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Post your story! :slight_smile:

I’m interested.
Title First love kisses and love letters
Genre Romance/ Comedy
Link First love, kisses and love letters - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad

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Title/link: Confession at the Altar
Genre: chick lit/romance

Let me know if accepted!

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Sorry I’m so delayed! Life got in the way. I’m reading yours now!

You’re accepted! Reading yours next!

I’m interested!

Title: You Must Remember This

Genre: lit fic

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Accepted! I’ll start on yours!

Thanks so much! I’ve just done yours :slight_smile:

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